Feb 13, 2016

KL SOGO's Chinese New Year celebration...

Yesterday, yours truly was at KL SOGO at their invitation. I was definitely thrilled because I was going to be watching one of the best lion dances in the country perform. And why not... 

KL SOGO brought in the Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association all the way from Muar  for the day, Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association is the 58-time winner of the World Chinese Lion Dance Championship!! And once you have watched their performance, most of the lion dances around pale in comparison.

Our thrilling afternoon began with a drum performance.....

The pulsing beats from the “24 season drums” performance at the main entrance of Kompleks SOGO definitely attracted a huge public audience who were all thrilled and excited to be able to see the  performance..

I for one loved the action and flawless movements of the team members who all really worked in sync.

The directors and top management from Sogo Kuala Lumpur were also present to witness the performance...

The show continued with a pair of the lions coming to the VIPs and paying their homage and respect, just right before their performance...

Mimicking the acrobatic activities of the monkey, the lively lion dance performance definitely thrilled everyone around, proving to all present how they are the World Champion in Lion Dance...

There were definitely a lot of agility and strength displayed as the lions leapt from pole to pole effortlessly.. 

While the lions leapt and pranced in time to the beat of the drums and cymbals, the management team of KL SOGO distributed Chinese New Year fortune bags to the guests and also crowd , adding to the festive spirit and mood. 

I was impressed with my new camera (Olympus PEN E-PL6) which I tested out with these amazing shots... heheh.. see the lion walking on air.....

With the theme “Togetherness”, KL SOGO hopes to preserve the traditional “family values” that require mutual respect, sharing and caring for each other during the festive season.

Giant decorative flowers are being put up to signify the coming of Spring that brings phenomenal renewal.  

The Centre Atrium of Kompleks SOGO is very prettily decorated with red and yellow lanterns that symbolize “Tuan Yuan” (reunion in English) and building harmony with everyone for the rest of the year.

The lion dance performance was not only thrilling but also funny....eliciting many giggles and laughter from the crowd

This was because the silver lion was good at acting coy and giving the yellow or gold lion come hither looks and also blinking its eyes at the other lion...

Then the best part was when the silver lion spotted some chillis hanging to dry and stole some to eat...

And well, immediately started coughing.....before finally drinking some water to cool herself down???

The other lion, the yellow/ gold one looked on in amusement... and well, I guess it left a message as well... like the Malay saying. "Siapa makan chilli rasa pedas..." (meaning: Whoever eats chilli, he will feel the spiciness which means whoever has done something wrong, he will feel the guilt)

The lion dance performance ended perfectly with the lions unraveling scrolls of good wishes from KL SOGO

We members of the media then got busy with taking pictures of the directors and top management with the lions at the photo opp..

There was even the cute God of Prosperity, chubby and cute Monkey, and the Fuk Luk Sau...  the three feng shui gods of wealth who are believed to bring one blessings of wealth, power and good luck, in addition to healthy and long life.

The celebration for the invited guests continued at the 5th floor of the mall where invited guests and those at the food court got to enjoy yet another lion dance performance ...

This one where the lions carved out the offerings ....

...while the directors and top management awaited patiently...

Tadaaaa.... decorative prosperity platter done.......

The performance ended with the handing over of the “platter of prosperity” consisting of Mandarin oranges, a pineapple and a pomelo to the directors and top management of KL SOGO

Then about 8 long strips of fire crackers were let down and the directors and top management litted them up..

....and I found myself  trapped after taking photos of that.... and was victim to the debris of the fire crackers which was a little painful...( imagine small stones being thrown at you...) LOL... Whatever it was a good lesson learnt and great experience.. I shall chalk it down to having the bad luck 'stoned' out of me... and look forward to a much positive and great year ahead.....

After that, we were all seated for our Chinese New Year luncheon... and the Prosperity Yee Sang with Plum Sauce Dressing was brought out..... 

We had an awesome time tossing and making our wishes for more money, more paid events, more luck, more happiness, more trips,  etc...etc.. and oh... I loved this Yee Sang, it was really yummy..

Chicken Soup in Superior Stock...(or so I think....) There was some excitement over this dish as everyone dig into the soup in search of a carrot ingot... I did not get one, but a media friend Anastassia Doping got one and got a RM50 angpow  for that.....

These songstresses are pretty amazing and have a good voice as they entertained us throughout our luncheon...

We had the "Poon Choi" Big Bowl Feast which was fascinating to me since this was the very first time I had "Poon Choi"....and this was very lovely...

Other dishes we had for our luncheon included the Yin Yang Roast Chicken/ Duck with prawn crackers....Braised Assorted Mushrooms with Vegetables.. and even something like a "chang" hmm....glutinous rice served with bits of chicken and salted egg yolk bits...  all which were very yummy..  

I think all these yummy dishes came from the Siang Chinese Restaurant which serves very delicious halal Chinese food and also halal dim sums....

Ok....as a token of appreciation for their loyal support and continued patronage, customers of KL SOGO will get RM10-00 Cosmetic Rebate Coupon for every purchase of RM100 made during the 22nd Anniversary Grand Sale i.e. ongoing from now up to the 21st February 2016, from a single cosmetics or fragrance brand. 

Besides getting the free Chinese New Year Angpow Packets and shopping bags.

Each year, KL SOGO organizes many exciting festive activities to keep their customers entertained. For more information on other fun activities or to see what you have missed, do log on to the following sites :-


  1. wow meriahnya... they even have Fuk Luk Sau for the celebration :) nice yummy food btw

    1. kann... hehehe... the fuk luk sau were there last year too


  2. Great picture, dear! Worth investing in a good camera. :D

  3. seldom go this mall. its a nice mall to shop as my friend like to shop there too.

    1. I like to go to this mall.. one of my husband's favourite

  4. I always wonder, the dancers tak takut ke lompat sana sini atas tiang. How can they see where to land their feet when they are wearing those lion dance costume

    1. I know how you feel... I feel the same trepidation but I guess they are all professionals... so... don't try this at home.. LOL

  5. Wah..great event..so meriah! Btw, nice shot miera. I need to learn from u how to snap fast moving subject.

    1. thanks Ayue... first time I get amazing pics from my camera..else they always let me down... hahahaha.....except my DSLR last time...

  6. wow! I like to watch & enjoy lion dance! If I know about this event, I will be there definitely :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  7. I always like Chinese traditional performances, like lion dance and 24-season drums, will watch at side like a kid happily clapping her hands :)

  8. tong tong chiang.. always love myself a good lion dance, no matter the occasion or place. :D

  9. I was a nice event, esp they have the lion dance outdoor.

  10. Like to see 24 season drums and lion dance during CNY. Poon Choi is my fav CNY dish!

    1. Me too.. I just tasted it but I love it...Hope to have more next year

  11. This year I didn't have any chance to meet Lion King Dance. It seem like so meriah!

    1. Aiyoookkk ... what happened and where were you... why never see Lion Dance....

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