Feb 24, 2016

Delicious healthy meals at your doorstep

Feeling too tired or lazy to cook and your family is expecting dinner from you? Have no fear, Shogun2U is here... 

LOL....yes, I made that up but seriously, Shogun2U is heaven sent when it comes to times when you have people dropping by or your family members expecting a good meal and you are just to knackered out and exhausted.. or feeling sooo lazy...

So what is Shogun2U? Huh?? Haven't you heard of it yet?? I am sure most of my readers here must have unless you are not in Malaysia... Shogun2U a NEW on-line portal launched and now you can order your lunch or dinner at the palm of your hands!! With the tagline "Great Food, Xpress Delivery", Shogun2U brings tasty, high quality and affordable chef-prepared meals right to your door step or to where you are at your preferred time...

Check out their website: http://shogun2u.com/  and you will definitely find yourself spoilt for choice...there is just so much to choose from , from Korean dishes, Japanese dishes, Chinese dishes, Western dishes, Steamboat, Snacks, Shake & Go for those on a diet or on the go and a whole load of seasonal specials...

Just choose what you want and check out the description for more info.. and if you are in need of assistance, you can simply chat with their very helpful and fast acting customer service who are online during business hours...

I was really impress with the selection variety of mouthwatering dishes available and more importantly, they were also quite affordable, and  will be delivered to your home, office or wherever you are. You can even send a meal as a gift or a surprise to someone else if you like.. maybe your parents, your friend or so on....

I ordered a sweet and sour fish Chinese meal set for my daughter and well, it just so happened that there was a promotion going on that if you order 1 you get another free for the Chinese and Japanese dishes...and arranged for the meals to be delivered to my doorstep at 12 pm the next day...

A little before 12 pm, at approximately 11.55am, the delivery boy was at my doorstep with all smiles, brandishing my nicely packed meals and invoice.. as for payment, you can choose to pay online or cash on delivery....hmm.. very efficient, friendly and professional..

This is my daughter's lunch and mine also...

The meals are packed very nicely and separated for freshness and quality. Even the drinks are properly sealed so you can be assured of no spillage... 

....remember the times when you order from those fast food restaurants and feel your heart sink when the soft drinks, milo or such has spilt from the plastic covering and the bottom part of the plastic it came in is all wet with your drink?? This won't happen here....as the cup is nicely sealed...

The cake that serves as your dessert and comes with the meal is a small rectangular slice of cake. The cake decently ok and I like the packing too...

The Sweet and Sour fish I ordered was definitely flavourful and delicious. The set came with some salad comprising of lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes and an accompanying thousand island sauce ... the rice was fluffy and fragrant, freshly prepared....

What do I think... Shogun2U is a great company that offers healthy and nutritious food, delivered in on time! But naturally you have to order in advance...and this means you cannot choose to want to order now and get it sent to you directly right on the dot..Minimum order to delivery time is at least an hour...

Check out their: -
Website: shogun2u.com
FaceBook page: www.facebook.com/Shogun2U


  1. Good! Next time no more instant mee when I home alone.
    Japanese foods after all. Gambate ne!

  2. Ya ~ I tried their service before
    very good ~ and their foods are delicious too
    Love it

  3. Very convenient ya! Even lazy weekend can eat Shogun great food.

  4. I'm a couch potato, so this is practically godsend haha
    I'll check out the website later, but it sounds great. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. I wanted to order the other day. But end up ordered by other site instead, Maybe will try this site next time.

  6. I have not try the Shogun2U delivery yet. I heard the service is good and the food is on time arrive.

  7. great for lazy ppl like me hahahaaa

  8. the food looks really nicely packed :) plan to get some for my family gathering meal too

  9. Yums. The food looks quite decent. So many food delivery services nowadays. Great for busy people

  10. interesting! It reminds me of the foodpanda haha

  11. My friend tried them during CNY and took them quite some time to deliver the food. :(

  12. Shogun2u is one of my favourite delivery online website! I order it most of the time. =)

  13. Oh lovely! Will definitely try out the online service - Cheers to the discovery and share Miera dear :)

  14. I really like this page so much, so better to keep on posting! Thanks.
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