Feb 9, 2016

How to get from Penang to KL in 3 hours plus

(The ETS train pic credit to thestar.com.my)
My elder daughter came home on Chinese New Year's eve on the KTMB ETS train from Butterworth/ Penang to Kuala Lumpur KL Sentral, and the Gold Service high-speed limited stopping train took just about four hours to make the trip from Butterworth Station to KL Sentral Station!!!

 And considering it was Chinese New Year holidays, that was a HUGE difference then taking a bus and being on the highway for extra hours because of the traffic congestion...

By international standards , the ETS is still kinda slow, so you really cannot compare it to the high speed railway in China, Korea , Japan or Europe... The ETS only travels up to 160km per hour, but comparing  these new train service with the present or old Intercity Trains, it is a blessing as it can cut our travel time by half..

Comfort wise, since the train is still considerably new, everything is clean and nice...the seat is comfortable.. but then again, my daughter booked her passage via Platinum Class aka First Class...

There is a pull out tray for food.....

A glimpse of the interior....

There is also a place for charging your smartphones or laptops under the passenger seat, WiFi and movie for you to watch at the above TV... 

There is also an adjoining toilet but reasonably clean....at least in the beginning of the journey... hehehe

The food car is just right next door to the Platinum Class car, so you can walk over to get a snack or two...

My daughter got the beehoon for RM5.90 and the mineral water for RM2.10, reasonably priced... I think....They also have Nasi Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Sandwiches etc... and other snacks and hot beverages for sale...

However, the Platinum Class car passengers are also given some snacks just about an hour before arrival....My daughter got a small box of Milo, small packet of Quaker Oat biscuits and a bar of Cloud 9 chocolate....

Fares for the ETS to KL from Butterworth (or vice versa) cost :
Gold Service : Adult : 59RM - Children : 34RM
Platinum Service : Adult : 79RM - Children : 44RM

You can also book your ETS tickets from Penang to KL (or vice versa) online, directly from the KTMB website 
Note: booking directly from the website can be little bit more costly as they have add an administrative fee of 2 MYR.

So there you have it, another fast and easy alternative way to travel... I am sure gonna check it out myself on my next trip back to Penang....


  1. until now, i havent got a chance to try ets

    1. i haven't tried it to Penang... just to Ipoh... =)

  2. I think the foods are expensive. Hahah. But comfy and fast rides are a plus. Will try soon.

  3. I tak pernah try lagi..lagipun tak terasa nak ke sana..haha..tp nk cuba jgk nnt..mcm best..super fast!

  4. I have never tried this train before and I am planning to visit Penang before June! Hmmm... might as well try the ETS while it's new! :)

  5. Wow. I've not taken a train in so long! Should be quite the fun journey. Happy Chinese New Year!

  6. Wow I have not tried this, should have bought the KTM tickets instead of flight ticket back to Penang this weekend.

  7. Wow! This makes travelling to Penang faster! Thanks for sharing!

  8. is the air con freezing cold? going to kl with parents end of the month. my mum cannot tahan cold.

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