Feb 6, 2016

Samsung Electronic's Innovations for 2016!!!

The view from the KL Convention Centre is so serene and never fails to impress me... and of course.. it is an amazing view of the Petronas Twin Towers and of the KLCC park...and it is pretty much soothing to the eye of the beholder...

I was at the KL Convention Centre early Monday morning for the Samsung Forum 2016....

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.was showcasing their new innovative product line up that is suppose to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their consumers to guests and members of the media from around Southeast Asia....

Samsung also highlighted their efforts to continually strengthen their brand in the region through deep engagement with their customers to provide personalized services, and continued contribution to local communities

 And yes, I was all agog as  Samsung unveiled their focus on smarter living for the region, introducing an amazing line-up of new products – that included the new boundless curved SUHD TVs with Quantum dot displays, the cleverly designed Samsung AddWash Washing Machine, the connected Family Hub refrigerator and the large screen Windows tablet, the Galaxy TabPro S.

Jeon Yong Sung, President & CEO, Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia & Oceania
 “At Samsung, we have always placed our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do, and we have a stellar track record of launching thoughtful innovations that enhance our customers’ quality of life,” said Yong Sung Jeon, President & CEO, Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia & Oceania. “This year is no exception. I am thrilled to be able to introduce groundbreaking products and services that will revolutionize smarter living and bring IoT technology into consumers’ everyday lives.” 


Practically all modern families, barring the indigenous tribes living in the jungle depend on the TV for entertainment, news and bonding time with the family...

Samsung has unveil their spectacular new line-up of SUHD TVs that feature unparalleled picture quality with Quantum dot display, the world’s first bezel-less curved design which is beautiful from every angle and the smart user experience that makes it easy for consumers to access all their entertainment and content in one place.

Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs feature the world’s only cadmium-free, 10-bit Quantum dot display, offering the most true-to-life picture quality, with stunning brightness, exceptional contrast and the most lifelike colors ever offered by Samsung. 

Keeping in mind that most viewers watch TV in a lighted room, Samsung designed its new SUHD TVs to deliver the optimum viewing experience, regardless of lighting environment. 

This new range of Samsung SUHD TVs has a premium high dynamic range (HDR) experience, with 1,000 nit HDR minimum for a higher level of contrast between light and dark images. New Ultra Black technology also significantly reduces light reflection, further enhancing picture quality with minimal glare. 

Built on the Tizen operating system (OS), Samsung’s 2016 Smart TVs will make it simpler for consumers to find and access all their favorite content and services, from TV and movies to games and program information, all in one place with the New Smart Hub, Smart Control remote and Smart View mobile application. Don't you think it is amazing.....

Only problem now is to figure out how much it is as the price has not been released... I do so wish I can own one...

The company also unveiled its first Ultra HD Blu-ray Player, the UBD-K8500, which is HDR compatible and offers four times the resolution and 64 times detailed color expression of a conventional Blu-ray player. 

The new Samsung AddWash Washing Machine has a distinctive access door that makes it convenient to add any item, such as a piece of forgotten laundry, without having to drain the washer in order to open the main washer door mid-cycle. 

It also allows users to add hand-washed items for rinsing, or additional softener anytime during the cycle.  

An embodiment of Samsung’s innovation in delivering super time savings and washing performance, the AddWash Washing Machine comes with a SuperSpeed feature that makes it possible to complete a normal wash in less than an hour without compromising washing performance. 

And hey... did you know this AddWash Washing Machine comes with a Smart Control that works with both Android and iOS smartphones. With the Smart Control, you can monitor the progress of your laundry program and can even get alerts n your smartphone just before the start of a new washing cycle....

 This comes in useful when you just want to add a few pieces of delicate or hand washed items towards the end of the washing cycle...

The new Family Hub Refrigerator is a sophisticated multi-tasker that connects families, organizes groceries and home tasks, and provides entertainment... and I do so wish I can own one....

The Family Hub’s Key capabilities include:

·         Family Communication Center: The Family Hub is a hub of household connections with a thoroughly digital twist. All communications are housed and displayed on a 21.5 inch full HD touch screen located on the upper right exterior door.  

This screen allows users to post, share and update calendars, pin photos, share treasured kids’ works of art, and leave notes – all with the ease and convenience of their smartphones. 

·         Improved Food Management: The Family Hub features three high quality cameras inside the fridge to capture an image every time the door closes. Users can then access those images anytime using their smartphones to peek inside their fridge. With this, users can more efficiently manage their groceries by identifying food that they already have or need, in order to keep their kitchen fully stocked – a revolutionary advancement in refrigerator technology.

·    Connected Entertainment: With the kitchen serving as a common gathering spot in homes, the Samsung Family Hub offers options for music streaming to play through its built-in speaker or for users to connect to Bluetooth wireless speakers and enjoy music throughout the home. Users can even enjoy their favorite television programs right on the Family Hub screen using Screen mirroring with their Samsung Smart TVs – never having to miss a moment of a favorite football game even if one is busy preparing food.

Besides this, Samsung is also introducing their new top-mounted freezer (TMF) refrigerator, the RT7000, which features Samsung’s unique Twin Cooling PlusTM technology, and is designed to enhance modern living.

The healthiest meals start with the freshest ingredients, and the Twin Cooling Plus™ independent cooling system ensures that a humidity level of up to 70 percent is maintained throughout the fridge, so that food stays fresh no matter where it is stored.

With two truly independent evaporators, the Twin Cooling Plus™ technology features two separate airflows in the fridge and freezer, thereby preventing unpleasant smells from food moving between the fridge and freezer. With no air movement between the compartments, the original flavor of ingredients in the freezer is preserved perfectly.

Samsung also introduced their latest tablet, Galaxy TabPro S, which will be combining Samsung’s world-class technology, and powered by the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, together into a premium, gorgeous and ultra slim tablet. 

By integrating the most popular features of laptops and tablets, users now have access to full notebook PC functionality in a lightweight tablet for the most productive mobile experience.

The Gear S2 classic now comes in two new unique color variants – Rose Gold and Platinum – for a classic, timeless design. 

These new models reflect Samsung’s commitment to bringing more choices to its consumers with new material varieties, providing users with diverse options to express and match their style, while highlighting its circular design and advanced functionality.

Gorgeous isn't it... I wish I can have the Rose Gold one...

Samsung also indicate that they will be launching their regional mySamsung program. 

This is an ownership program that both new and current Samsung customers can access through a mobile application. 

The application will help customers manage their devices, give easy and direct access to customer service representatives as well as provide ownership privileges for them to get the most out of their Samsung devices. 

How cool is that....time to get another Samsung device...or product... I am so amazed and intrigued at the same time by all these amazing products.. so be sure to keep your eyes and ears out for the official launch of these amazing electronic products...


  1. wow the Samsung SUHD TV looks so awesome!! i wish my house is big enough to fit this haha

  2. i love samsung products.. memang awesome. yang terbaru tv suhd tu memang gerek sehhh... washing mechine yg canggih with hand wash.. wahhh.. bestnya.. on my wish list lah.. hahahhh

  3. Aaaa... Samsung product is my best product ^^ Thanks for sharing!

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    Love xx
    Official Seol ♥

  4. OMG there are so many new innovations I am looking forward too, the fridge and the Gear S2 classic. Nice to meet you there.

    1. Everything gets more and more high technology and all even have WiFi.. 10, 20 years down the road we wondered how we survive has we had... LOL

  5. All the high tech stuff that I can't afford T.T
    Really looking forward for it but maybe sometime in the future if I get a more stable job

    1. I feel you and it is exactly how I feel too.. hahaha

  6. Samsung is a good & reliable brand all these years...Samsung always my parents' favorite brand for hone appliances :)
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

    1. Exactly right... it is a great brand and I like it a lot too

  7. Didn't see u there but we saw many innovations and new products during the forum. Happy Chinese New Year!

  8. wow so canggih! Would love to attend the forum too if I'm free :)


  9. Samsung products are really good and reliable Miera dear - been using their products for quite awhile now and they are fab :D

  10. a happy Samsung user here. an old S4 and the most recent purchase was a Samsung refrigerator that looks really good. Must say that it lives up to its reputation for being energy saving! lower electricity bill by a couple of rinngit since we bought the refrigerator.

  11. So the canggih! The Add On feature on the washing machine is cool! Mine is currently top load so I've no reason to switch to this canggih one yet. The fridge is also so cool!

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