Dec 1, 2016

U Mobile's TERER THURSDAY Offers RM5 Million Worth of Weekly Free Deals

U Mobile, the telco with the fastest mobile network in Malaysia, today unveiled a brand new rewards campaign called TERER THURSDAY which offers both its Prepaid and Postpaid customers free deals every Thursday starting from today. For the first TERER THURSDAY, customers will get to enjoy a free Chatime drink worth up to RM6.50. The TERER THURSDAY treats which are worth up to RM5 Million in total may be obtained via the ‘MyUMobile’ app.

For over a one year period, U Mobile customers can look forward to TERER THURSDAY treats from Krispy Kreme, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) , Cars International, 7-Eleven, Starbucks, OLDTOWN White Coffee and Kenny Rogers, just to name a few. How exciting right....
U Mobile is constantly thinking of innovative ways to reward their customers since their customer base has really grown tremendously and for the support. 

Thus U Mobile decided on TERER THURSDAY as  they wanted their customers to have a head start for the weekend by enjoying free treats compliments of U Mobile. To ensure that the treats would be of appeal to their customers, U Mobile is investing RM5 Million in the TERER THURSDAY Campaign to ensure that there will be a wide range of treats to be enjoyed!

For more information on TERER THURSDAY, visit

Christmas Customer Reward Promotion

To mark the festive season, U Mobile also has a special Christmas Reward Campaign where customers will be able to enjoy 12 days of consecutive treats leading up to the festive holiday.

From 14 December to 24 December, customers will be offered ‘Buy One Free One’ deals from U Mobile’s partner merchants via MyUmobile app. On Christmas day, U Mobile will be giving away five iPhone 6S Plus to five customers. To qualify, customers need to make a minimum of 12 calls between 14 December 2016 and 18 December 2016. Customers with the top 5 longest call durations will win an iPhone 6S Plus. Winners will be announced on 25 December 2016. For details please refer to U Mobile website from 14 December 2016


  1. Is it just a “Marketing strategy” that Umobile using to attract more subscribers to sign up for their service?But I think it is attractive.I like this.

  2. a very good way to attract new customers, it looks profitable and interesting, because we all love to get something for free

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