Dec 5, 2016

Indulging in all thing Coffee at IJM Land's Good Coffee Day 2.0

Yours truly was over at the ICE Gallery in Pantai Sentral Park with my daughter to celebrate and check out IJM Land’s  Good Coffee Day 2.0 there…

In case you are wondering, Pantai Sentral Park, which is believed to be Kuala Lumpur’s One and Only Urban Forest City is a 58-acre integrated city development with a gross development value of RM2.5 billion. This township, set against the beautiful 200 acre forest in Bukit Kerinchi is believed to consist of 7 residential phases and 6 commercial phases should be completed in about 10-15 years time and should accommodate some 15,000 residents…

This magnificent township will integrate residential, commercial and recreational together offering up the best in living, business and entertainment…

The first two residential phases, which is the 38-storey Inwood Residences and the 41-storey Secoya Residences have so far been launched… so find out more at

Coffee is what most people  drink… , but did you know that coffee actually comes from the seeds of the coffea berries plants… and coffee is a very healthy drink, loaded in with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can improve our health… and many people cannot live without their daily cup of this dark delicacy…

IJM Land decided to treat all coffee lovers to an amazing day immersed in all things coffee related while allowing visitors to soak in the Yuletide spirit…

We got to meet Daniel Liew, the founder of the Barista Guild of Asia, one of just a handful of people who is a globally certified trainer and certifier with the prestigious Authorized Speciality Coffee and learn more about how coffee  is grown, cultivated, harvested, processed , roasted and brewed…. As well as how to French Press brew, V60, Aeropress and Clever Dripper…

We also learned how to differentiate from fresh coffee and stale coffee… and how the best coffee can be found in the mountains…or places with higher altitude..

Pantai Sentral Park’s tagline is People. Planet. Priority, which is why they decided to organize this event, knowing full well that a cup of coffee having the ability to create a light hearted and comfortable environment of shared pleasure and conversations…

However, the non –coffee fans like my daughter who attended the Coffee Day 2.0  also enjoyed the festivities beginning with Santa and Santarina welcoming guests and handing out peppermint candy canes, home made nougat tasting by Eva’s Homemade Nougat…

Then there was some super yummy Japanese inspired waffles by Grid and Go, which came in a variant of mouthwatering flavours, crispy yet so chewy..…

Kids were fascinated by actress Tania Zara, the glamourous founder of Coffee Jeans and Co, who gave guests a chance to decorate their own cupcakes

Harold’s Academy impressed our palates with adorable gingerbread men, icing cookies and delicious chocolate lava tarts…

Sketcher Fruit Ice lollies /ice cream potong served up delicious ice lollies… I personally could not get enough of the durian ones…

Then there is the amazing Vivian Lees who creates amazing artwork using coffee… my daughter had a caricature done of her in Coffee..

Coffee is so amazing as not only can you drink it, you can also paint with it… and what do you know… bathe in it… FAWN Beauty Co fascinated us further with their all natural , hand crafted Cacao and Coffee Organic Body Scrub, just perfect for a wake me up pampering in the morning….

My daughter who is not quite a coffee drinker loved the Matcha Green Tea drink coffee2GO served up along with other cold brewed coffee…

And yes, there were also delicious nasi lemak and fried beehoon served...

….while I indulged with a relaxing cup of latte… but with none other then Coffex Coffee….

I had an amazing time trying my hand out for the first time, even though I failed to successfully create my own mug or vase at the pottery wheel throwing by Kaleidos Art Tune… my creation decided to break under my inexperienced hands…. But it was nevertheless a good try…

We left the venue a few hours later after admiring the gorgeous Secoya Residences show rooms and getting a back rub at the massage arm chairs available for free, happy and sated,  all thanks to IJM Land…

To know more about the upcoming Pantai Sentral Park, do visit the gorgeous ICE gallery there or click


  1. Whoa! love the theme of this event. Lots of goodies and coffee.

  2. That gingerbread man! I hope I get to taste one!

  3. such a fun day! im coffee drinker!! wish im there XD

  4. Not a coffee person but would love to get hold of the gingerbread men and ais krim potong! Can't really place where this location is.... because I'm unfamiliar with the area.

  5. Wah, so happening! Not a coffee person, but i love the layout of the unit :D

  6. I like this place. I was here the other night, I've been there for about four or five hours and found the prices reasonable on all fronts and the staff to be so friendly. I would be the perfect person to have on an infomercial for Los Angeles event venues if they ever had one.

  7. it was indeed a very interesting event. Love the property there.


  8. Really awesome blog. Your blog is really useful for me. Thanks for sharing this informative blog. Keep update your blog.

  9. I'm liking their concept! and their display of food is making me hungry at this hour...I want to try making my own mug too kak!

  10. It was really a good event for me get to know more about coffee :)

  11. I love the coffee taste. Learn a lot from the workshop too.

  12. what a nice event. really love that they giving so many informative workshops to the public!

  13. Whoa this is a very nice event! And you've to learn a lot of awesome brewing info :) Did you manage to take some coffee samples?


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