Dec 16, 2016

DMel Perfumes - affordable halal luxury fragrances....

I firmly believe we women should always smell fragrant... not overpoweringly so, but well, fragrance add attractiveness to a person, even a guy...

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So yours truly was over at the Swiss Garden Hotel recently to check out a range of new fragrances by an enterprising local woman, Sanie Abdul Rahman. 

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The lovely Sanie decided to venture into entrepreneurship and embarked on a personal mission to create fragrances for everyone, since her fragrances are of good quality and also pretty affordable..

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Sanie drew on her experience who taught entrepreneurial skills to some 15,000 students from higher institutions across the country, such as Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA , Institut Kemahiran MARA, Community Colleges and Politeknik Malaysia..

YB Dato Mas Ermieyati, Deputy Minister for Tourism and Culture was also present at the launch for DMel Perfumes...

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And it was from these she gathered her courage to walk the talk, and applied the modules she taught her students into action and used her own savings to start DMel Perfumes.

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DMel Perfumes comes in six different variants, three dedicated to the women and three for the men....

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There is the RrB 40ml RM64.90, CHASE 30ml RM54.90 and TRUST 30ml RM54.90 for men... and SCENTS 40ml RM64.90, SHINE 30ml RM54.90  and LOVELY 30ml RM54.90 for the ladies...

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The fragrances are all pretty nice and it is priced reasonably, but I think the users will love the natural ingredients that does not contain any alcohol, and the long lasting, fragrance that is both Halal for Muslims and which is just a perfect confidence booster for anyone...

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So go and check it out and get one of them for yourself.. it is seriously a great perfume and I recommend LOVELY as I am using it currently...

Currently, you can purchase DMel Perfumes online at their Instagram account - dmel_perfume
or check out their Facebook
or via Whatsapp: 019-2761575/ 0129075382 
and also their website:


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