Dec 23, 2016

Live with ease with the Honor 8


Don't you think it can be so frustrating at times when you run out of battery especially when you are waiting for an important call or email... or how annoying it is when your phone lag, and waste your time by taking it's own sweet time to start up and slowly allow you to access your device. I have been through that and I swear some moments like this can almost make you fling your smartphone to the wall or into the drain/lake... but oh dear, please don't do it... I am just saying it..... but well,  I have good news... 
finally, we Malaysians can use a smartphone without frustrations!

  When you are buying a new smartphone, most people will look for two things, which is cost and quality; however, sometimes we do need to compromise one or the other to find that “perfect” phone!

However, this is where I want to brag a bit about my honor 8, the recently-launch flagship smartphone by Honor, a sub-brand of Huawei. 

So , what is it? Well, the honor 8 is priced at just under RM 2,000 but comes with such premium qualities, it is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

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The honor 8 will make it easier for users looking to buy a new smartphone, without compromising on quality and cost. It is packed in a compact and sleek build, and the honor 8 is simply amazing with a competitive price of below RM 2,000. I have been using my honor 8 for almost a couple of months now and I have absolutely nothing to complain about my gorgeous and amazing smart phone.. it does everything it is suppose to do and more... and I am so in love with it...

honor  8 users don’t have to stress about digging deep into their pockets or their bank accounts and won’t have to experience that post-purchase regret we, unfortunately, face more than enough times.  I know I have regretted some smartphone purchases in the past, but this is sooooo not one of it....on the contrary, you cannot stop my waxing lyrical over it.. heheheh

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 That is why the honor 8 is not deemed as Honor’s flagship of the year smartphone for nothing. Along with its competitive pricing, the honor 8 is equipped with cutting-edge technology to meet digital natives’ demanding and fast-paced lifestyles.

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Swift Access: Smartphone users want to be able to capture the right moments and to share these important moments on the Internet – be it Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook.

The honor 8 enables users to access their devices in just 0.4 seconds! This is all possible through Advanced Fingerprint Recognition Technology that employs a Level 4 3D fingerprint reader with auto-learn recognition capabilities.

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Hardcore Hardware: The honor 8 is also powered by the HiSilicon Kirin 950 chipset 8-core CPU 2.3GHz with the efficient 16nm FinFET architecture. With this powerful processor, users will experience increased processing speeds, response times, and battery life. This will also ensure that the device will not lag even for the most demanding apps – a must among today’s digital natives.

Lasting Stamina: Another existing common issue among digital natives is battery life.

Users will not have to face this frustration with the honor 8 battery capacity of 3000mAh that is supported by Smart Power 4.0.

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Some of our devices don’t even last for a day nowadays. The honor 8 is one step ahead, as the battery lasts for 1.77 days of regular usage and 1.22 days of heavy usage.

And what about having to impatiently wait for your device to charge? The honor 8 will save you the trouble, as the device can be charged up to 47% in just 30 minutes! I cannot believe how fast it charges... and I am so impressed....

Constant Connection: As mentioned, connectivity is key to digital natives’ lifestyles today. It’s especially annoying when you’re about to send a cool snap on Snapchat only to find out that you have no signal or connection. Fortunately, the device comes with intelligence communication and constant connectivity to ensure strong signal.

The device comes with Roaming+ that has the ability to quickly register on local networks when on roaming. This way, honor users can keep in constant contact with their families and friends when out of the country. 

What about for business users that are traveling for work? It’s frustrating enough to find a Wi-Fi spot, but even more frustrating when you’re in a foreign environment.  Luckily, honor 8 comes with a smart dual-brand Wi-Fi switching that supports 2.4/5 GHz bands that can give users a rapid and stronger connection to Wi-Fi.

Lastly, users won’t have to worry about a weak signal when trying to make calls through the device’s Link+ function. This function samples and selects cells towers for the strongest signal to ensure that honor users will always have the best possible reception.

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  1. I have try the phone before and I found it light and function is friendly.

  2. I don't have friends using this phone yet, but seem like a great phone. =)

  3. wa such a nice phone. very stylish and suits you a lot :)

  4. The arrangement of the buttons at the bottom is the only thing that puts me off, unless there is a setting that allows me to arrange their sequence. Otherwise, I'd love to buy it.

    1. of course you can arrange their sequence... I was the one who arranged it thus...

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