Dec 8, 2016

Get free check-ups at the vet for your cats!!!

I have a confession to make…I am one of those who rarely bring my cat to the vet… but  well, I recently realized my folly. I am one of about 40 percent of cat owners have never quite bring their cats to the veterinarian….

I had the same mindset as these people since I was a busy working mother juggling jobs/ family time etc… and yes, I thought my cats are independent, self sufficient and healthy…, so why should I waste time bringing my cats to the vet…..

And I learned things the hardest way…. When I recently lost one of my pet cats… he had been suffering from a swollen bladder, kidney stones and was on the verge of death when we realise it and brought him to the vet. Though the vet did her best to save him, he was in too much pain, no longer able to eat, no longer able to control his bladder, and if we were to prolong his suffering, e would require force feeding, daily liquid drips at the vet as well as dialysis every couple of days at the vet…

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Yeah, I  was one of those cat owners who are guilty of never bringing their cats to the vet because they are pretty much worried about the cost… and I used to think that the cat can take care of of itself… my husband and many people often say the cat self medicate themselves by chewing on grass or such…. And well… my cat is healthy… isn’t he/she…at least that was what I thought....

However I learned too late that cats have the ability to tolerate and mask signs of pain. And it is because of this, many cat owners do not really know when their furby/ fur babies are actually sick. When the time we realise our cat is suffering, it might already be too late as the disease might have progressed to a severe stage…like what happened to my late cat…

Therefore it is much better to bring the cat to the vet earlier so we can rest our minds that our precious furbies / fur babies are healthy or if they have a health issue, we can get it looked into as soon as possible so that our cats are not suffering in silence…

Anyway, I have great news for you cat lovers… ! Royal Canin Malaysia, which offers our fastidious furbies/ fur babies a range of innovative and healthy pet food products, and as a company that places animal welfare at the top of their agenda has decided to play its part and help raise greater awareness on the needs for cats to get regular check-ups with the launch of MyCat2Vet Campaign..

Royal Canin Malaysia is investing resources and collaborating with the veterinary network to get this campaign going as they strongly believe that by encouraging proactive prevention, all of us can help create a better quality life for our furbies/ fur babies….. and of course, this means greater quality time between your sweet kitty cat and yourself right…..

Royal Canin Malaysia has enlisted the support of 200 veterinary clinics all over the country where you can now bring your cats for check-ups like me….and best of all it is free.. yup…  Royal Canin Malaysia is generously picking up the tab for your cat’s check-up…

I finally spared a couple of hours and took my remaining cat, Muezza to the vet to get her check-up after all this while… naturally Muezza was a nervous wreck as she did not like getting cooped up in the pet carrier and taken on a bumpy ride in the car all the way to the veterinary…

And when we got to the vet, I registered her, showed the code I got when I register Muezza for a visit and the vet in charge gave her a routine check-up… a routine check-up is vital for cats like Muezza to enable her to have a long, happy and healthy life… after all did you know cats actually age so much faster than us humans….! !

When you bring the cat to the vet, it is also an opportunity to tell your vet about any weird behaviour changes your cat might be going through or any concerns you might have… I brought up Muezza’s occasional sneezing or coughing, but after her check-up, the vet said it was just about hair balls or some little choking.. Besides, we all know that preventive care is always better than reactive care..

Muezza had her weight taken, she is 4kg, and she also had her temperature taken, 

...and a little blood test taken from the tip of her ear. 

The vet also checked her stomach and her ears and mouth… and she was thankfully pronounced healthy and fit… !

However her ears were a bit dirty as I only cleaned the outside area and worried about poking her in the wrong area, so the vet cleaned Muezza's ears very throughly and taught me how to clean it as well... see... new lesson learned today!!!

A regular vet visit also means your kitty is up-to-date on his/her vaccinations and parasite prevention so take the opportunity to bring your cats to the vet now… Royal Canin Malaysia’s goal is to have 10,000 cats make their first visit to the veterinarian as a result of this campaign…

How to register ? Very simple.. just log on to for full details of how to register and check out the generous panel clinics available all over Klang Valley and Malaysia… you can start registering your cats for their visits which will begin from 1st December 2016… !!!


  1. you are good pet owner!
    wish my next door would listen, her cats sick and she not bother.

  2. aww this is too cute! It was very important to get our pet check ups too!

  3. Your cat is looking so cute, I love cat and I also have in my home. It is important to check up her in vet for her health. Buy the FDA approvd & 100% natural Pet Health Products at reasonable price.


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