Sep 11, 2016


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Did you know that wearing a nice lip colour does actually improve your life. When you swipe on a lip colour, whether it is a lipstick or a liptint, it gives your lips some colour and 
 that can make you look great, and feel great, which in turn often lead to other positive things happening in your life. 

Beauty enthusiasts have shown a growing preference towards a lipstick with a moist texture and a beautiful colour that can be worn over a long period of time

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Mamonde Brand Ambassador Park Shin Hye without any make up....

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Mamonde Brand Ambassador Park Shin Hye with the new Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint

Just take a look at the difference some light make up can do for the very lovely Park Shin Hye in the pictures above...

 Mamonde has created the Highlight Lip Tint to offer women an ideal lipstick. The Highlight Lip Tint is a highly pigmented lip tint that aims brighten the face with its moist texture and beautiful true colours. It is formulated with oils extracted from flowers leaves your lips feeling light with a pleasant moist velvety-smooth texture. 

The Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint comes in a range of 6 gorgeous cool and warm colours to ensure suitability across various types of skin tones. You will be sure to be able to find the perfect lip shade for your face.  

Be sure to check out  No.2 Tonic Coral, No.5 Orange Basket, No.6 Pin Spot, No.7 Main Title, No.8 Red Intermission, and lastly, No.10 Midnight Singer.

The key features of the Highlight Lip Tint are:-
* Rich Colour with a Single Touch
The finer pigment formula gives the lips a rich and intense colour with just one swipe. The milling process creates finer pigment to improve the intensity of the colour. The pigment powder is coated with oil for moisturized glossy lips.

* Matte but Moisturizing
Upon application, the Highlight Lip Tint has a moist, glossy texture. The paste forms a layer of moisture on the surface while the elastic gel gives a smooth glide-on texture with a velvet finish. Although the Highlight Lip Tint can look matte, it does not feel dry on the lips.

* Easy Application
The Highlight Lip Tint is designed with a paddle-shaped applicator for better colour-blending with the lips. This makes gradient or full-colour styles application easier. Furthermore, the applicator is also created with a flat tip. The front part can be used to enrich the colour and define lines whereas the end part of the applicator can be used to apply the right amount of tint on the lips. Apart from that, the packaging has also been designed to deposit just the right amount of product needed to paint the lips.

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Fans of the beautiful Korean actress Park Shin Hye will be familiar with the Highlight Lip Tint. Park Shin Hye is the lead actress of the popular K-drama ‘Doctors’ and she is also Mamonde’s brand ambassador. She recently posted a photo on Instagram with her favourite Highlight Lip Tint No.6 Pin Spot. Pin Spot is a lighter variation between No.5 Orange Basket and No.7 Main Title, making it a suitable everyday colour. At the premier of ‘Doctors’, Park Shin Hye was seen wearing the shade No.7 Main Title.

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How to Use:
Step 1: After foundation application, use the remaining product on the puff to blur the lip contour. This is done to bring out the colour of the lip tint and to ensure your lip tint stays on for a longer time
Step 2: Apply the lip tint onto the centre of the upper and lower lip. To give the lips a more natural look, use a brush or your finger to spread the colour to the rest of your lips.
Step 3: Fold a tissue in half and place between the lips to remove excess colour

I am so loving these colours and hoping to be able to get mine soon.....

The Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint (RM50) is available at Mamonde’s beauty counters in AEON 1 Utama and AEON Mid Valley starting 15th September 2016.

NOTE:pictures credit and taken from Mamonde Malaysia, Mamonde Korea FB and google... and do not belong to me


  1. I am loving the color of No. 5 and No. 7! Such lovely reds! Do you have these in your stash? if you do, please give us a swatch on your lips to see how they fare.. :D Also, is this a lip cream or a lip tint? I'm kinda confused with that part :D

  2. This is nice.. Im a sucker for lippies! I usually buy colors like pink and those dark colored shades that so IN these days. Sometimes my kids call me a vampire when i wear red. Haha! I love all the shades of this brand.. I wish they are available in the Philippines :)

  3. No 6 is suit for my wife. Thanks for your information

  4. I'm into liptints lately, and based on your review, I think I should definitely try this product! Plus Park Shin Hye endorses it? Omg. Where can I get them?


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