Sep 2, 2016


Tonight's the night!!! I am so thrilled I am going to be seeing the ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS live in action tonight!!!

Did you know that Malaysia has in recent years become one of the most mature Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) markets in Asia. 

We have a few pretty cool and awesome local action heroes, making Malaysia home to some of top ONE Championship talents which have on numerous occasions prior, represented
the country on the global stage of MMA, and yours truly here got the chance to meet them at the recent meet and greet session at Under Armour Mid Valley...

A huge part of the country’s success in MMA is owed to brothers Gianni and Keanu Subba, who have helped to develop and inspire young, up and coming martial artists in Malaysia with their epic performances inside the ONE Championship cage.

23-year old Gianni Subba (7-2-0) is a fixture in big fights at ONE’s flyweight division while the younger Keanu Subba (3-2-0) is fast emerging as one of the top talents in the featherweight division. Both are scheduled to face international opposition at the promotion’s Kuala Lumpur card dubbed ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS which is set for the Stadium Negara, tonight - 2nd September.

Keanu will be fighting against Pakistan’s Waqar Umar while Gianni is set to face Yago Bryan of Brazil.

The two boys spend most of their time training at Bali MMA and Muay Thai in Bali, Indonesia, but call Kuala Lumpur their home as they spent their childhood years in Malaysia’s capital city.

A winner of four of his last five bouts, Gianni is a seasoned athlete with a stellar 7-2 clip in his young career. Five of his seven wins have come either by submission or by crowd-pleasing technical knockout.

Keanu on the other hand, is a former amateur MMA champion and is one of the most promising young talents in ONE Championship’s featherweight ranks. He is 3-2 as a professional mixed martial artist after making a name for himself as Malaysia’s former MIMMA featherweight champion.

Together, the brothers have put Malaysia on the map in the Asian MMA scene. In their early twenties, they also have a very long and fruitful career ahead of them. 

I am also looking forward to Malaysia’s own Ev “E.T.” Ting, who will take on Australia’s “Ruthless” Rob Lisita in the main event. 

Pic Credit to ONE CHAMPIONSHIP FB page

Alongside him are Malaysian fighters Ann “Athena” Osman, Peter Davis, and Agilan Thani who will all compete in the main card.

I am so gonna be there tonight cheering our Malaysian team on... how about you... if you are, see you there!!!

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  1. never watch this type of show before..but saw your instagram post already feel excited..i should watch this show in future!!

  2. I have been wanting to catch MMA matches live. Somehow, my schedule just hasn't allowed me thus far. Hope you had a great night.

  3. gonna be a great fight on that day...

  4. this is the event that you went to!! Does it feel like you're in WWE???

  5. Oh scary! My heart not strong enough to watch people get beaten up! isk isk isk

  6. win liao.. even fighting championship you also there. :D .. round one, FIGHT!!!!

  7. So happening!! I keep see so many people posted about this boxing championship =D


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