Sep 1, 2016

How I Vanquish my Fat... Part One...

(Note/Warning: This blog post has some undesirable pictures of some flabby flesh -somewhat similar to bikini pictures except uglier, so if you think it is going to harm your delicate sensibilities as a religious person or so, do not read any further, I am sharing this as I see fit) 
Now that age is catching up, as a mother of three grown children, my metabolism rate is falling, and coupled with the desire of indulging my tastebuds at times, it is little wonder I am a little obese. It is hard to getting rid of the fat around my stomach area, as many women will attest to, especially the  love handles.

I was over at Premier Clinic, Bangsar. The clinic is on the same row as where the Bangsar Post Office is. It may look small from the outside. 

But the clinic was quite well equipped with the best facilities for the patients. 

There a comfortable waiting room for the patients to wait for their turn before their consultation. 

For my consultation, I had the lovely Dr Michelle Lai to advise me on going for the Vanquish treatment, which she said would be suitable for me.

The treatment rooms are all very  comfortable and hygienic as well.

If you are like me, looking to get rid of fat in your midsection without having to do a liposuction or have a single incision or sweating it out at the gym? Vanquish might just be the answer!!

The Vanquish treatment targets our stomach, love handles and problem areas that diet and exercise can’t quite fix, and where stubborn fat gathers. It is the ideal choice for those who want to lose inches without the complications of plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction or any injections.

Vanquish uses the non-invasive Selective RF™ system to reduce fat without even touching your body. Using a pulse of directed energy, Vanquish effectively kills fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues or skin.

The nurses checked my weight, percentage of body fat and blood pressure before beginning the procedure…

There is no anaesthesia necessary for Vanquish as it is not painful at all.. All you feel, or all I felt during my treatment was just a very mild to moderate sensation of warmth at the treated area.

When the targeted fat cells are warmed, they are said to be damaged and die naturally in a process called apoptosis.

Why you should go for Vanquish treatment?

It cover larger areas than the Cool Sculpting technology, and is less expensive than other non-invasive procedures. It is a no-touch, non-invasive, not painful and totally comfortable… All I did was just relax for about 45 minutes on the bed , and I almost fell asleep… hehehe… and let the machine do its job

There are sensors built into the Vanquish machine that can “read” the patient’s body fat and calculate the amount of energy the machine will deliver during each 15 minute treatment x 3. Vanquish will then heats the skin and the underlying fat to destroy the fat cells with long lasting results.

The Vanquish treatment has very minimal side effects, all that these may include would just be redness of the skin and a slight warm sensation at the treatment site.

I noticed a slight but visible difference after the first treatment on my saggy stomach. It was minimal but definitely there….

I was also given a blister of 20 Adipex capsules to consume early in the morning. This is said to be able to help with my weight loss by curbing my appetite as well as increase my metabolism rate, and having taken them as told to, I felt as if I was not so hungry anymore and can control my intake of food much better. However, I was told to eat as normal, just in smaller portions... I will share more of my results in the next post... as well as after my second Vanquish treatment in about 3 weeks time..

I was of course, advised to drink more water.. but allowed to exercise or carry out my normal activities even on the day of treatment as this treatment is just safe…

Bangsar Address: 40, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 WP Kuala Lumpur.

Bangsar Branch GPS coordinates:  3.131138, 101.670436

If you are driving, there are car parks available on the road right in front of the clinic, but chances of getting one is pretty slim. It might be wiser and better to park in Bangsar Village 2 shopping mall, and walk to the clinic which is very close by.
Clinic hours : Monday,  2 – 7pm. Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 7pm.
Closed: Sunday / Public Holiday.

Enquiry/ Appointment Booking Phone No.: +60-12-662 5552 (mobile number contactable 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm)
Bangsar Branch Phone No.: +60-12-662 4278/ +60-3-2282 2263
For more info on the Vanquish treatment or any other treatments, please check out:  or


  1. Great to read your blog because I will be going there soon. I need Vanquish too.

  2. Aww... really should go for a try since beauty is a must have for ladies.. Really need to share with my cousies and check this out <3

  3. so, you dont feel anything during the process? interesting . hehehe

    1. No.. I do not feel any pain.. just slight warmth...

  4. The machine is advanced. I believe the result will be very good after you go for second treatment.

  5. i did this treatment before...really nice!!I am satisfying my result!!

    1. awesome... that is really reassuring.. I hope to get rid of some of this stubborn fat on my tummy.. huhuhu

  6. This treatment looks good! I would like to try too :p

  7. Looks like I need the treatment too. Too many fat especially at my tummy.

  8. Really interested to know more about your treatment. Looking forward to your follow up post already.

  9. looking forward to seeing the final result!!

    1. yeahhhh... me too....!!! Wish me luck at achieving my ideal tummy.. LOL

  10. Is this pretty the same as cryo? Cryo also reduces fats through controlled cooling procedure. It really amazes me to know that there are so many procedures nowadays to keep one self physically attractive and healthy. I wish you well on your quest to a healthier you.

  11. I also need to try this vanquish procedure to remove all my unwanted fats accumulated through pregnancy. I am having a hard fitting into my old pants because of the bulge that I have on my waist. That's why to get help with writing a paper to save money for this procedure.

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