Dec 3, 2023


vivo, the international smartphone manufacturer, released the V29 5G First Love edition…. This newest edition captivates with its stunning aesthetics, top-notch features, and advanced photography capabilities, resembling the charm of a rose. In a saturated market, smartphone manufacturers are continuously exploring innovative ways to distinguish their products. Here at vivo Malaysia, they are proud to bring to the market its latest colour variant to the vivo V29 5G.


In 2023, the global resurgence of pink, particularly the Barbie pink and ‘Pink Girlie’  aesthetic, became prominent in fashion. vivo's V29 5G First Love capitalises on this trend, offering a one-of-a-kind design exclusive model for Southeast Asia. Inspired by fresh roses and the joy of love, the vivo V29 5G First Love features a unique design achieved through an industry-first grey-scale lithography technology. This technique creates a mesmerising 3D effect with 8 million finely controlled etchings on the back panel. The result is a luxurious, translucent design that captures the romantic allure of a bouquet of roses.


The device not only boasts stunning aesthetics but also excels in key performance areas like processor and photography. The upgraded Aura Light 2.0 enhances photography in dim environments with four LED lights (two cool and two warm LEDs), ensuring 360-degree even lighting for softer illumination resembling a studio setting. It's 36% brighter than previous models, delivering clearer photos in low-light conditions. The new Smart Colour Temperature Adjustment adapts to diverse environments, maintaining natural tones in various lighting conditions, making it perfect for vibrant streets or cosy bars.

Additionally, the V29 5G First Love features a 50-megapixel front-facing HD camera with f/2.0 aperture and a moderate 92-degree field of view. This setup strikes a balance for single-person selfies, avoiding distortion, and accommodates more friends and family members in the frame for group shots.


The vivo V29 5G First Love features the clearest display in the vivo V series history, a 6.78-inch 120 Hz 1.5K AMOLED with a 3D curved screen, showcasing vivid visuals with 1.07 billion colours and a cinema-grade 100% DCI-P3 wide colour gamut. Its pixel density of 452 PPI ensures detailed photo and video viewing. The display is also certified by SGS for professional-grade eye protection, reducing harmful blue light and flickering for comfortable extended viewing. With a streamlined curved screen and a thickness of 7.46 mm, the smartphone, weighing only 186g, offers a comfortable grip without being bulky.


The vivo V29 5G First Love boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor, 12 GB RAM (expandable to virtual 20 GB via Memory Booster), ensuring swift performance and seamless 5G connectivity with reduced power consumption. Gamers will enjoy the ultra-large vapour chamber Bionic Cooling System for immersive gaming, and the phone features a 4600 mAh battery with 80W FlashCharge, charging from 1% to 50% in just 18 minutes while minimising heat.

The vivo V29 5G First Love will be available to purchase at vivo Malaysia's official E-storeShopeeLazada and TikTok shop

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