Dec 6, 2022


Malaysian-based micro-batch ice cream brand, Kelava, is moving from  supermarket shelves to its own scoop shop with the opening of its first outlet in Berjaya Times Square. 

The new store  marks the first time the brand will be serving its customers directly. In the new retail space, Kelava will offer its ice  cream in scoops of single or double with the option to customize them with five different toppings available. 

In  conjunction with the launch, Kelava has also introduced three new flavours, available only at this outlet. 

“With any business, it is always important to establish roots. Therefore, we are thrilled to be expanding Kelava to the  retail market, and we look forward to meeting more of our customers in person,” said Dato’ Sydney Quays, Group CEO  of Berjaya Food Berhad. “We are excited to bring to you fresh, innovative approaches to ice cream and raise the bar  for our brand even further. The Kelava store is a critical step for us to meet the needs of those who prefer non-dairy  alternatives but want the same enjoyment and happiness that they get with a cone of ice cream in their hands.” 

Founded in 2017 in a home kitchen, Kelava produces and distributes premium handcrafted micro batch ice cream,  which are rich, creamy, and completely plant-based. The name Kelava is derived from the combination of words  ‘Kelapa,’ which means coconut and ‘love.’ 

Kelapa is the main ingredient in the ice cream base, bringing smooth  indulgence to the mindful ice cream lovers. Kelava ice cream is produced locally in small batches using the freshest and most premium ingredients available, allowing each scoop to be filled with intention and care. 

“When I started Kelava, it was from my own kitchen. I experimented several different times just to get the right texture  and flavours. Now, although our brand has expanded, the method is still the same,” said Mr Azlan Alladin, Founder  and CEO of Kelava. “I have always dreamt of this moment, and I am honoured to be able to bring these wonderful  creations directly to our customers and instantly hear their responses. My hope is that this store will allow us to grow  an even bigger community and to share the enjoyment of ice cream with everyone.” 

Customers of Kelava will be able to choose from a range of dairy-free ice cream flavours, including Vanilla, Chocolate,  Salted Gula Melaka, Coffee Latte, Wild Berries, Cookies & Cream and Onde Onde. 

I am in love with both the Chocolate and Salted Gula Melaka flavours as well the Mango Vegan!!!!

Fans of Kelava will also be surprised  to see three new flavours that were also introduced at the opening. These flavours include Mango Vegan, Pistachio  and Pengat Durian. 

To add excitement to your favourite flavours, customers may also add-on additional toppings,  which includes Toasted Coconut, Speculoos Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, Oreo Crumbs and Granola. 

As part of the opening, Kelava is also offering opening promotions, including Buy One, Free Topping where customers  can get a free topping with every scoop from 5th December until 7th December. 

From 8th December to 11th December,  customers may Buy One ice cream and get their second scoop for free. 

Kelava will also be giving out 50% off every  second scoop every Friday, from this 9th December onwards. 

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