Dec 26, 2022

Durex ‘For-Play’ Mobile Hits the Spot Around Klang Valley

Durex Malaysia is continuing its mission to help young Malaysians learn about intimacy and encourage honest conversations through an open, safe and approachable platform with the launch of its roving ‘For-Play’ mobile truck which will be travelling throughout the Klang Valley for five days beginning 26 December 2022.


An extension of its #ComeTogether project which kicked-off in August 2022, the campaign advocates better understanding and the right knowledge about sex as well as drive positive behavioural change around the subject matter. This includes improving the youths’ attitude related to sexual and reproductive health and the inclination to shy away from speaking about it openly and honestly.


The roving vehicle, equipped with interactive educational games, live music, a bar which serves unique signature Durex cocktails and mocktails along with a product section to explain the importance of being safe revolutionizes sex education and enables young Malaysians to explore and learn that the first step to pleasure is protection.


“To live well with your sexuality while protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections, you must keep one thing in mind: when it comes to sex, risk-taking is not related to orientation but to sexual practices. Youth is a key period for experimentation and learning about social interactions between individuals, including romantic feelings and sexual relationships. It is therefore the ideal time to identify the risks and to make lasting sense of the concepts of prevention, respect for others and for one’s own body,” commented Tiffany Tang, Marketing Director at Reckitt Benckiser.


Through the roving truck on-ground engagement, Durex is making the first move and sliding into areas where people congregate in order to break the taboos around sex and raise awareness on the importance of having a great and safe sex life.


As strong activists against sexual stigmas and non-inclusive attitudes, Durex Malaysia aims to showcase the “positive reality” of modern-day sex and encourage society to stand up, speak out and spark conversations.


While the exponential growth of the internet has brought positives in terms of exploration and access, its consequences such as misconception, myths, lack of education and confusion have been substantial.


“This might be the most important piece of work we ever do. Durex is a huge brand with a unique and vital role in culture. It has genuine influence, and the capability to enact real change. Our brand purpose will lead to healthier conversations around, and attitudes towards, sex, but also greater inclusion and acceptance for those who might not always experience it. To have a brand like Durex publicly and proudly on your side makes a difference,” added Tang.


With everyone being at different stages of their sexual life, Durex believes that having open conversations about sex can help all Malaysians feel more comfortable, enlightened and supported about sex and all the pleasures that come with it.

#ComeTogether and join the movement to celebrate the freedom to live and love!!


For more information about the Durex ‘For-Play’ mobile, log onto .


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  3. Durex's 'For-Play' mobile campaign in the Klang Valley region brings a fun and engaging experience to the community. This initiative showcases Durex's innovative approach to promoting sexual health and wellness in a creative and accessible manner.


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