Jun 13, 2024


SKINMADE, proudly Malaysian -owned is a skincare brand known for its innovation and scientifically proven formulas delivering remarkable skin improvements... SKINMADE recently launched their new science-backed, super-brightening serum - 15% Vitamin C + Bio Stemcell Super Brightening serum.

The serum targets multiple pigment pathways and work to boost skin radiance after being inspired by melanogenesis science . Some of the benefits include improving uneven skin tone, reducing appearance of dark spots and post-acne marks...

Its special Bright-through innovation utilises INFINITEBRIGHTTM, a patented comprehensive formulation developed to deliver unparalleled brightening, radiance and spot-erasing effects through an optimised delivery system.

Since I have uneven skin tone and lackluster skin, I am looking forward to the benefits of the 15% Vitamin C + Bio Stemcell Super Brightening serum without having to worry about skin irritation. It is also ideal for hyperpigmentation...

The serum features the world's first formulation that combines superior brightening ingredients such as ‘The Smart Brightener’ Stem Cells with 3 Brightening-focused Smart Peptides and 11 Powerful Brightening Activators, revolutionising skincare by transcending traditional beauty science,  The Super Brightening Serum delivers maximum efficacy in helping you achieve more radiant, luminous and healthy skin.

Vitamin C is overrated when it comes to targeting stubborn discolorations, as it only plays a very minute role in a bigger picture. With the fusion of the INFINITEBRIGHTTM formula, every active ingredient incorporated into brightening serum creates a synergistic effect that delivers optimal skin brightening.

 The serum's primary focus is on:
● High bioavailability (absorption test of actives) - the biggest challenge for any topical formulation is its penetrative capabilities. With a proven record of bioavailability, discoloration can be efficiently overcome.

● Skin sensitivity - the concerns of how the low acidity of a Pure Vitamin C serum might burn the skin, leading to more discoloration while a single-active weaker serum may not live up to expectations, are real. With INFINITEBRIGHT, it has proven to be highly effective, thanks to its peer-reviewed brightening actives with minimal potential skin irritations.

Suitable for both morning and nighttime routines, the new 15% Vitamin C + Bio STEMCELL Super Brightening Serum (30 ml) is available at a discounted price of RM110 on e-commerce platforms such as TikTok Shop, Shopee and Lazada.

For more information on the brand or its new 15% Vitamin C + Bio STEMCELL Super Brightening Serum, please visit https://www.myskinmade.com/

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