Oct 2, 2022


I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I received this New KitKat® Dark with Southern Australian Orange Flavour bar that came in a wooden crate with fresh oranges….

It comes with a marbling effect that looks like tiger stripes with a unique blend of swirled rich dark chocolate and chocolate orange.  

Especially made in Australia with premium ingredients from the local regions famed for its produce, the blood orange used to create this delicious dark orange chocolate is grown in the South Australian Riverland and Sunraysia region…

The KitKat® Dark with Southern Australian Orange Flavour bar blends the unique local flavours of Australia with rich dark chocolate, resulting in a contrasting swirl of flavours – also visible on the bar itself for even more indulgence! 

Each of the bar’s 11 fingers will take your break to the next level of indulgence. The new variant has just the right balance of sweetness and bitterness, together KitKat®’s signature crispy wafer coated with rich and smooth dark chocolate and orange swirls….

Wrapped in a premium matte resealable packaging, the KitKat® Dark with Southern Australian Orange Flavour bar put a smile in one’s break as the ideal chocolate for sharing and connecting with friends, or even for the pure indulgence of a “me moment”.

The new KitKat® Bar Dark with Southern Australian Orange Flavour is available at leading retail stores across Malaysia as well as some preferred e-commerce sites. 

Have a Break, have a KitKat®, and make every chocolate moment more indulgent with the all-new KitKat® Bar!


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