Jun 25, 2015

Cleaner and healthier scalp with LA BIOSTHETIQUE

Recently, yours truly was at the ANDY HO HAUTE COIFFURE to review and check out the LA BIOSTHETIQUE scalp treatment being offered there. The salon was beautifully classy but  very welcoming. Just as I step into the salon, I was ushered to my seat and had two overseas fashion magazine placed in front of me. 

For those of you who in search for a hair makeover that is celebrity worthy, you should love this place with it's unrivalled five-star haircuts and treatments: ANDY HO HAUTE COIFFURE. Owned by hairstyling guru Andy Ho and his lovely wife, ANDY HO HAUTE COIFFURE offers patrons one of the best service ever and unforgettable experience in service.  FYI, Andy Ho has over 2 decades of experience!!!

My hair stylist / consultant for the day was Vivian, a lovely girl who was very friendly and also professional. She quickly explained what she was going to do and proceeded to scan my scalp to see what type of treatment I would require.

For LA BIOSTHETIQUE, efficient hair care is based on the condition of your scalp (each individual have different needs and different scalp conditions). LA BIOSTHETIQUE is there to strengthen and support the hair's natural life cycle, and ideally balance out whatever the hair roots require and with that, results in possible healthy and shiny hair.

LA BIOSTHETIQUE enables  us to have a targeted care method for our  different hair and scalp situation with the best products created.

Anyway Vivian scanned my scalp and then promptly informed me that I had dry scalp, with cracked and peeling skin cells and clogged pores covering where the roots were.

Problem: Dry Scalp and Dry Hair
The innumerable sebaceous glands which are connected to hair and scalp produce too much sebum, i.e. hair and scalp are provided with insufficient oil. As a result, the scalp loses its biological balance, the scalp's environment is imbalanced and it is prone to negative external influences such as hot blow-drying, saltwater, sun or the wrong care. The scalp itches and feels tight; the hair is lacklustre, loses elasticity and feels less silky. As a result, the hair's structure can change and the hair can even fall out.

The Solution:

METHODE VITALISANTE uses the synergistic effect of individually combined high-performance products for top results.

The normalisation of the scalp environment leads to the eradication of tightness and itchiness
The healthy balance of hair and scalp is maintained or restored
Vitality is restored to hair and scalp

It is scientifically documented that the synergistically combined products with the active ingredient innovation LA BIOSTHETIQUE Complexe Vitalisant increase sebum production by up to 68%.

VISAROME DYNAMIQUE B contains a complex of essential oils to stimulates the blood circulation and the metabolism in our scalp. It also contains natural essential oils have an intense, synergistic effect on the scalp and in addition, work through the limbic system of the nose, benefiting and stimulating the entire system.

GENESICAP PLUS acts to intensively to help the skin of our scalp regenerate naturally, thus improving  functioning. Valuable oils and phytosterols with multiple benefits make the scalp more supple, thus improving metabolic nutrition of the scalp. This means that our hair is given optimum growth conditions.

If I was not mistaken, Vivian added this to my treatment as well... EPICELAN EQUILIBRANT
which contains anti-microbial active ingredients to help fight dandruff and very effectively prevent the recurrence of dandruff. The essential oils contained in it have a pleasant relaxing effect and alleviate itching and irritation on the scalp.

By they way, Vivian has the most amazing hands... When she massaged the treatment into my scalp.. it was sheer bliss.... 

LIPOKERINE B  has been developed especially for dry scalps. It is  mild and has a gentle cleansing action with plant-based lipoamino acids and sugar surfactants. Normalising the scalp environment and its natural protective function with ever y hair shampoo. Working actively in the hair, the lipoamino acids  improves the condition of damaged hair.

ERGINES B is great for stimulating the scalp, and help alleviates tightness and supports the natural regeneration process of the scalp.

(all the info regarding the La Biosthetique product range is taken from the www.labiosthetique.com website)

This is my scalp scan again right after I have underwent all the treatment as well as hair wash and blow dry... My hair definitely felt lighter and much cleaner after all the treatment and the scan shows that the clogged pores were no longer clogged and my scalp looked much cleaner as well as calmer.

See how clean it looks.... hehehe...

My hair after it has been treated, washed and blow dry, all by the very capable Vivian....

ANDY HO HAUTE COIFFURE is located at : Lot No. : 6.16.00, Level 6 of Pavilion KL. Check out the LA BIOSTHETIQUE treatment there which is truly amazing for your scalp....

Tel. : 03-2141 4401

Thanks LA BIOSTHETIQUE , to Miriam HK for arranging this and to Vivian of ANDY HO HAUTE COIFFURE salon for my memorable hair treatment...

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