Jun 23, 2015

Where can you find the most yummy mango drink?!

A slice of sweet Pakistani mango gave Bryan Loo, CEO of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd the idea of coming up with Chatime's King of Mango Shake. 

Pakistani mango has always been reputed to be the best unrivaled mango in terms of quality, sweetness, rich taste, distinct flavor, naturally woven fibers, being aromatic and succulent. These qualities are all due to the fine mix of unique soil and season combined with the impact of flowing rivers through the world's largest canal irrigation system, the lifeblood of Pakistan's agriculture.

The fruit is pale yellow, spotless and clean by appearance with no insect damage , fungal infection and equal in size and ripeness.

Chatime has imported their fresh mango pulp from Pakistan, How do they make the mango pulp Chatime uses?

The fully riped mangos are selected and harvested from the trees, then sent to the fruit processing plant to be inspected and cleaned. The frozen pulp is then pasteurized to ensure the flavour and aroma of the fruit is retained.

The most yummy mango drink is then created from this 100% fresh Pakistani mango pulp, fresh milk and freshly prepared mango pudding. The combination is a nice balance of sweet and mild tartness that is the new Chatime's King of Mango Shake. Take the opportunity to indulge in this nutritious and seasonal delight this summer season throughout Klang Valley (this is because the fruit is seasonal and not always available)!!!

Check it out now!!!!

NOTE: Pictures here taken from Chatime facebook and are not mine.....

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