Jun 5, 2015

My Chef Seafood Restaurant, Kuah, Langkawi

I am posting a post on this restaurant because I found it noteworthy for my friends and readers to check out. The restaurant was just right next to the Bella Vista Resort and Apartments and we just walked to it.You can see it from the main road in Kuah as well...Chasing after my hungry family members who were walking briskly to the restaurant, I failed to get a good night shot of the restaurant, so here is just a blurry one. 

It is basically a very simple Chinese seafood restaurant without frills but the food is reasonable and quite delicious and this blog post is going to be just a relaxed laid back one... as I am kinda in a holiday mood at the moment.... (am heading to Beijing in a couple of days)

While waiting for our food, my (lovely girls )elder daughter, step daughter and my step daughter's boyfriend took some time to take selfies..... huhuhu

Here is my husband's ex wife but who is like a sister to me, my stepson and my husband....

Another picture of my mother and my elder daughter....

And our food... This above here is the Lala Kam Heong / Kam Heong Clams which is absolutely tasty, we ordered a second helping on this...Per plate for RM16.00

Then we also ordered our vegetables, this is the stirred fried Baby Kailan that cost us RM14.00 a plate.

My step son loves his chicken and ordered this lovely Sour Plum Sauce chicken for only RM16.00

And this was also so delicious we had yet another second helping... The Butter Prawns...500gms for RM45.00

We also had a healthy portion of Japanese Tofu / Beancurd which was my favorite.. It costed us RM14.00 a plate...

Overall with a serving of white rice and drinks for all 9 of us, our meal only costed us RM141.60!!!
Isn't that very reasonable......

My Chef Seafood Restaurant is run by Chef Soon and Annie Lim.
and is located at:
227-G-2, The Fiesta
Pusat Dagangan & Pelancongan Kelana Mas,
Kuah, Langkawi

For reservations or queries, call : 012 451 9756


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