Jun 1, 2015

Don't let your Nerves get the better of you....

Having healthy nerves is very important to be able to enjoy the freedom of mobility and being able to utilize all 5 of  your senses to the fullest, especially being able to see, smell, hear and touch... Though many people realize that a healthy lifestyle together with regular exercise and a balanced diet is important, there are also many others who are not aware that healthy nerves are very important for our well-being....

Many people complain about having pain and discomfort but these are actually results of having unhealthy nerves. According to a survey by Merck in Klang Valley last year, one in two people, aged 21 and above, showed signs of nerve damage having felt some form of tingling, pins and needles, numbness or burning sensations in their limbs. 

27% our of 13,000 Malaysians across the nation were revealed to suffering from borderline neuropathy diagnosis, while 26 % already have nerve damage...

Most of those surveyed think that their pain and discomfort is due to lifestyle or work-related stress, but they had no idea that they were suffering from neuropathy or nerve damage.

To raise public's awareness and knowledge better towards neuropathy, Merck organized a briefing which shared important information on the impact of nerve damage if left untreated and how some lifestyle choices and daily activities can actually contribute to the condition. Medical practitioners  at the session shared tips on how to identify pain possibly caused by nerve damage as well as some available solutions to relieve neuropathy. The medical practitioners also brought up healthy habits people should adopt to prevent or reduce nerve damage.

Professor Dr. Goh Khean Jin, a consultant neurologist from University of Malaya Medical Centre, who gave a speech on neuropathic pain said that nerves are like transmitters that connect the brain to every part of the body.

Our nerves play a very important part in our bodies as they affect every movement and feeling in our bodies to the involuntary vital functions such as our heartbeat, digestion and breathing...A person can only move around freely with healthy nerves. If and when our nerves become damaged, our ability to feel sensations and freedom to move can be impaired...

Neuropathy can affect the nerves in our nervous system and it is caused by a myriad of reasons including aging, genetic disposition, metabolic problems, infection, physical trauma, nutritional imbalances, lifestyle choices and diabetes, the most prevalent cause of nerve damage.

Other causes of neuropathy include deficiencies of vitamin B, smoking, alcohol consumption, exposure to toxins and diseases that cause chronic inflammation to the nerves.

Symptoms of nerve damage range from tingling and numbness in one extremities, causing an extreme sensitivity to touch, burning or piercing pain, having trouble feeling hot or cold as well as a loss of sensation..

Common factors that play a role in increasing nerve damage in our every day life includes long hours sitting at work desks or in traffic jams, repetitive activity such a typing and texting and even cooking can lead to nerve damage. Other factors include poor posture, tight clothing or shoes or just being overweight can also put pressure or compress the nerves.

While diabetics are more aware of nerve damage given the high blood sugar in their blood stream, some others disregard it as it does not seem to alter their lives in any way significant...

Dr Mohamed Haniff Merican, general medical practitioner with the Merican Dispensary, Melaka said that one should keep track of the pain they are feeling whether they are tingling, piercing, shooting or burning. Pain is a way for the body to give us a warning that something is not right in our body, so visit a doctor and talk about it to avoid making it worse...

Moderately exercising, practising a healthy lifestyle, consuming a diet full of vitamin B rich food as well as avoiding long bouts of inactivity and repetitious activities are important for healthy nerves and regular follow-ups with the doctor if you are a diabetic are very vital to keep our nerves healthy..

Adequate consumption of neuropathic vitamins, B1, B6 and B12 contains nutrients that are essential in maintaining healthy nerves as well as working in combination to treat or slow down the progression of neuropathy.

Yours truly and some blogger/media friends also got to take part in the nerve check that was being held on-site at the event. Fortunately the nerves on my feet are so far, ok.. 

This nerve checks will be happening around the country to encourage people to identify possible nerve damage and taking action to address their pain...

For more info, please check out www.merckgroup.com


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  1. My mum start have wrist pain but the doc just say rest more. Is the nerve check free?


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