Jun 11, 2015

The Langkawi Bird Paradise and Wildlife Park

When I told the kids that we would be making a stop at the Langkawi Bird Paradise and Wildlife Park during our stay there in Langkawi, I was met with disbelief and groans. They were all young adults, other then my youngest 'tween' and to them this was probably boring and even asking how long are we going to be there for...

When my family and I arrive there at the park, I wasn't sure of what to expect myself. But I can safely say now that I finished touring the park, it was definitely far more then I expected.

Various types of animal foods like fish food, bird seeds, nuts, carrots, tomatoes etc..etc.. are sold inside the park as a complementary activity in your journey.  You can just get a small packet for about RM5, and I really recommend that you do or you will be missing out!!

With an animal food at your hand, you can start your 'tour' looking , admiring, and feeding the animals, but please be sure to check the information on what the animals eat before feeding them. The information will be on signs at the animal enclosure.

 Here at the Langkawi Bird Paradise and Wildlife Park, you can walk through their large enclosures where the larger species of birds have room to stretch their wings and fly and enjoy our park's concept that provides the following:

  • Visitors can have close interaction with animals through fun  feeding session.
  • Customer-friendly service that includes ‘In House Guide” service 
  • A variety of species are exhibited including birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes, and orchids. 
  • A more enjoyable experience for visitors with many interesting activities organized.

There are also specific time for porcupine feeding, ostrich feeding, arapaima feeding, monkeys feeding and a lot more animals feeding that should interest you, if you like... 

This park is an amazing place to discover the fascinating world of birds and nature. 

The walk-in aviary, at the park, boasts of a 15 meter man-made waterfall where one can relax and enjoy the equatorial scenery. Besides, the park's ponds present a scenic sight. One can watch a variety of water birds, like the flamingos, wood ducks, mandarin ducks, tufted ducks, etc, swimming in a tranquil setting. 

Another highlight of our visit there was getting up close and personal to a baby raccoon. I had a fun time cuddling him and so did the kids...  It is a very rare opportunity as we only normally see these raccoons behind glass walls or cages.

Another surprise awaited us when we strolled into one of the aviary enclosures... besides getting to feed and take pictures with budgies, we got to even hand feed a mousedeer. Before this, again, I have only seen shy mousedeers from far away and inside their cages or enclosures . I definitely never got a chance to see them up close or let alone feed them

They were definitely cute and curious, these mousedeers were not shy to come out. 

My mom and step son feeling thrilled from getting all the attention from these bunch of budgies...

I even got to feed this beautiful white peacock some nuts....

And no, before you ask, I did not feed the crocodile... hahahah... now that would be a scary prospect and I am not that brave... yet....anyway I am not ready to lose my hand or any part of my body to the crocodile... 

You even get to feed this huge bird here... but please use the container as you won't want your hands bruised from it's powerful beak.

My girls taking the opportunity to feed and also take pictures of these friendly deers...

Check out the Eagle Section and get the chance to see the carrion eaters. Watch the vulture from South Africa, the raptors like the Brahminy Kite and White Belly Sea Eagle. At the Owl's Section, you can come across the nocturnal predators like the Barn Owl and the Malay Eagle Owl. 

I had the best time in my life getting to handle the majestic White Belly Sea Eagle. It was really a very unforgettable moment....

Furthermore, the park showcases other creatures such as Macaws, Cockatoos, Lories, Pheasants, Cassowaries, Ostriches, Rheas, Irian Jaya, Papua New Guinea, etc. 

To put it succinctly, Langkawi Bird Paradise and Wildlife Park shouldn't be missed-out while you are in Langkawi.

Visit the Langkawi Bird Paradise and Wildlife Park, be close with the animals and enjoy the close-interaction in the animal kingdom.  

Address: Lot 1485, Jalan Ayer Hangat , Kampung Belanga Pecah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Phone:04-966 5855

For more info, check out: http://www.langkawiwildlifepark.com/


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