Sep 27, 2011

Lunch. . .

A simple homecooked lunch for me today. A simple tuna spaghetti I do so truly enjoy to pieces but my eldest daughter shy away from it because it's tuna and my beloved hubby declare it unappetizing to look at.
Just cooked with garlic, canned tuna with olive oil, olive oil, anchovy stock. . . And the taste is heavenly to my palate. Healthy too. .

Sep 23, 2011

Money. . Money. . Money

I love money and I want money, don't get me wrong. And I'd love to be a millionaire if God will let me. I can pay off my debts, and create a wonderful life for my family and myself. Go for trips and all, buy anything I like and not worry about debtors chasing me. Put my kids in college and have enough to comfortably by.

Sep 15, 2011

Couple who sponsored maid's studies awarded.

A Malaysian couple fully sponsored the tuition fees for their Indonesian maid to get a diploma to improve her living standards back on Indonesia . The maid got her diploma in the Open University Malaysia and is now holding a top post in a private company back in Indonesia.
The couple are now also winners of the F&N Outdo yourself Awards, which I whole heartedly agree they deserve. It takes a rare person to really have the heart to do something like this for a maid.
Sadly, too many people around believe that maids are meant to be treated as maids or even worse, slaves. Too many people do not think that these maids have feelings too, and dreams.
The Indonesian maid Sarmini was really lucky to have met wonderful people like Mr Tan Choo Tang and his wife, Mdm Wee Phooi Kuan who really went out of their way to help make their maid's life more better.
Kudos and thumbs up to Mr Tan and Mdm Wee.

Sep 13, 2011

Graduation from EnPro

I joined the enhanced productivity class to refresh my skills and also get new ideas to.improve myself and to provide a better service to my existing clients , back in July and well, in the process , got to know fabulous people . . Aini , Zara, Ruzi, Safiah, Wan, Kenny, Diana and Fauzi , all who are a part of my team, the Mighty eagles. . . including a lot of other friends.
Today is our graduation and we say goodbye to all and maintain friendship with most.
To all EnPro 9 friends reading this, thanks for your support all this while. Couldn't have done it or enjoy it that much without you. To all facilitators, Fauzi, Faizal, Leon, Sean, Siva and all, especially our ' headmaster' En Jamal. We'll never forget you. Hugs and thanks ever so much.

Me on graduation day!!! It was suppose to be a 70s theme. I am not sure if I got it right, but, well. . .

Sep 12, 2011

Of eBooks and other applications for your android phone

If you own an android phone, or tablet , like me, let me tell you about a wonderful site I found on cyberspace.
I am a book worm and I do so love my novels. Now I found this amazing site where I can download all the novels I want, and the latest ones for free!!!
I get amazing epub book downloads as well as other applications etc.

Enjoy. . .

Crocodile's teeth

Crocodile and their teeth

We visited the crocodile farm recently and came back with a hard to get and unique souvenir, crocodile's tooth. Or teeth, because we got three of them. One for my eldest daughter, one for my husband and one for me.
According to some old wives tales, there is a medicinal property in the tooth where if you have a toothache, you can get the crocodile tooth and grind it against a stone or something to get the powder. This powder, you can rub on your tooth ache and then, it is believe the pain will go away!!!
Not sure if we will try that out, but we are keeping the teeth as souvenirs , a locket or a charm.. .

Conquering my fear of snakes. . .

Sep 2, 2011

Yummy hawker's seafood

My hubby and I, we had a break from the kids, my girls, as one went back to her grandmother's place in Penang and one followed my sister in law, her aunty off for a few days to spent some time with her favourite cousin.
So he took me to one of the best hawker centres in KL or PJ, which was the Damansara Uptown Hawkers Centre. We ordered and shared a plate of oyster omelete, a plate of spicy bamboo lala/ shellfish and a plate of grilled stingray. It was scrumptious. And I definitely enjoyed having my husband to just myself for these few days, just like when it was just the two of us, during the early years of marriage.
Wonderful company and great food for very reasonable.prices. What else can a woman ask for? Ermm . . .