Oct 4, 2018

Speak Up, There is an Elephant in the Room...

Knowing your family member has a life-limiting illness such as cancer, organ failure, HIV/AIDS and such can be very devastating not just to the patient but to their loved ones..

Many a times, emotions and feelings might run amok but are quietly suppressed or hushed as the family tries to work through the treatment and caregiving needs of the patient...

This quickly turns into denial and both the patient and their care givers will find it hard to discuss their feelings or about the limited time they have...

To encourage conversations in support of patients and families with life-limiting illnesses, Hospis Malaysia has initiated a campaign aptly entitled ‘Speak Up – There’s an Elephant in the Room’ whereby ten life-size elephant sculptures called the Cik Gajah Limited Edition series will be created using sketches by Malaysia’s foremost na├»ve art artist, Yusof Gajah.

 These elephant sculptures has been adopted by generous donors from the private sectors, namely Ancom Berhad/ Redberry Group, Great Eastern General Insurance, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, Mah Sing Foundation, OSK Foundation, Prince Court Medical Centre, Sunway Group, Suria KLCC, Anthony & Chloe Tan and YTL Foundation....

Launched by YB Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, the ten elephants will be exhibited at the KLCC Park Esplanade from 1 – 14 October 2018 to coincide with the World Cancer Congress scheduled at the KL Convention Centre from 1 – 4 October 2018.

Subsequently the elephants will be displayed inside Suria KLCC at strategic locations from 15 October 2018 to 14 April 2019....

It is estimated that each year more than 56000 Malaysians will require pallative care at the end of their lives... Sadly though only less than 10 % have access to it..

With more Malaysians living longer, the need for palliative care to lessen the suffering of the very sick is expected to increase..

For more info on "Speak Up- There's an Elephant in the Room" campaign, please refer to www.speakup.com.my


  1. We need more palliative care and hospice centres in Malaysia. And that requires everyone to work together - public, ngos, government and private sectors.

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