Nov 24, 2020 debuts in Malaysia

Muslim women are said to be the largest consumers of modest fashion accounting for US$283 billion (RM1.17 trillion) in 2018 and the figure is expected to hit US$402 billion (RM1.67 trillion) by 2024. And because working Muslim women are touted as a potential trillion-dollar market,, a pioneer e-commerce platform for modest fashion is currently making waves across 140 countries, and expanding its  footprint in the Southeast Asian market.... 

 The Turkish international brand is set on becoming the world’s leading dedicated online modest fashion powerhouse and global trendsetter, and is making Malaysia its first foray in Southeast Asia with the official launch of its website and app-based platform in Kuala Lumpur today...

The launch was marked with a catwalk showcasing Modanisa’s timeless fashion pieces through a virtual Modest Fashion show, featuring some of’s 850 global labels by Malaysia’s much sought-after hijabstas and KOLs: Mira Filzah, Iman Troye, Dahlia Rizal, Fatin Noraishah Shafika and Kasha...

The virtual fashion show follows after Modanisa's Modest Fashion week showcase in London, Dubai, Jakarta and Istanbul.

So, why Malaysia? According to the Digital 2019 Malaysia Report, Malaysians spend considerably more on e-commerce than their Southeast Asian counterparts, except Singaporeans.  The report also pointed out that 26 million of the 32 million Malaysian population are active internet users. Meanwhile, 80% of Malaysian users aged between 16 and 64 shop online.

With the availability of more modest fashion, Muslim women can now express their religious identity, while having fun with the outfits they wear. Furthermore, it is noted that Malaysia is poised to have a growing modest fashion market since the country’s 61.3% Muslim population does not shy away from spending big when it comes to purchasing fashion products... 

What makes attractive is its easy accessibility. Without the hassle and back-breaking task of running in and out of retail outlets to put together their dream wardrobe, customers can shop with ease from anywhere using the Modanisa app on mobile devices with instant access to 75,000 products from a comprehensive yet growing listing of 850 global labels...’s extensive product range which covers seven product categories ranging from general women’s clothing (dresses, suits, tunics tops, bottoms, loungewear and lingerie), evening wear (gowns, dresses, formal suits, skirts) to plus size clothing as well as sportswear (tracksuits, sweatsuits, leggings and bonnets) and swimwear... also offers a wide selection of hijabs including scarfs, bonnets and accessories. 

The wide selection of contemporary, high quality, timeless and sophisticated pieces is pegged at phenomenally affordable prices, making it accessible to Malaysia’s discerning, middle-class modest fashionistas and hijabistas. This is significant since modest fashion has trickled down from high-end labels to high streets. hopes to drive modest fashion to become even more mainstream and affordable, as well as provide the opportunity for Malaysian modest women to dress confidently and stylishly without worrying about breaking their bank accounts... is also eyeing the trendy millennials since industry trends suggest that the millennials are keen to make a fashion statement while staying modest. 

And being an e-commerce platform that is accessible both via website and app, is a sure magnet for the digital savvy shopaholic,l...’s labels comprise newcomers to the industry as well as reputable and leading, global modest fashion brands including TUVA, BENIN, REFKA, TAVIN, Everyday Basic, Luvic and plus-size label ALIA – all private labels wholly owned by took home the coveted Islamic Arts category award under the Islamic Economic Awards based in Dubai and the International Business Excellence Award under the category of “E-commerce and Digital Experience” in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

To find about more, visit their website: or download their app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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