Feb 27, 2021

CG FIBER for a clean, refreshed and more energetic you...

In the current world, we live with a lot of inactivity - caused by the pressures of living and working in the city and also even more so, with getting locked down and forced to work from home and stay home... 

We also happen to digest a lot of excess calories from fast-food meals that cause many of us to gain weight because of wanting to save time and  this leads to obesity and increases our risk for respiratory problems, which includes asthma and shortness of breath... 

To stay healthy or keep healthy, maby of us resort to taking pills every day.... 

Some which are health supplements and others medicinal drugs, for health problems, birth control, etc etc.... And this causes pill fatigue too.. 

The pill fatigue epidemic increased the popularity of functional foods....

MGI Wellness is a wellness company focusing on functional foods that offer health benefits beyond their nutritional value... 

Functional foods are defined as whole foods along with fortified, enriched, or enhanced foods that have a potentially beneficial effect on health when consumed as part of a varied diet on a regular basis at effective levels.

CG FIBER is one of their products which I am consuming... To be honest, I was given this product to try, like a variety of other products, but I fell in love with it.. Because of the ingredients and benefits... 

CG FIBER is a 3-in-1 (colon, liver, blood) evidence based detox formulationfrom Australia of 18 types of berries, fruits and vegetables fibers blends, anti-inflammatory herbs, strong anti-oxidants food, digestive enzymes and gastrointestinal strengthening blends.... It is 100% natural, with no added laxative...

It is really effective and you will notice positive changes in your energy, mental clarity, stamina, and overall health in just 7 days, like I did... 

CG FIBER is made up from 7 main ingredients... 
*Powerful Anti-inflammatory Agent (Curumin)
*Strengthen Stomach Lining
*Helpful in managing Joint Pain *Especially Arthirits And Gout Symptoms
*Helps Reduce Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Symptoms
*Boost Immune Systems

Aloe Vera
*Rich in Antioxidant
*Improves Constipation
*Flushes Out Toxins From The Body
*Helps Maintain Smooth & Radiant Skin
*Relieves Bloating

Wheat Grass
*High in Nutrients & Antioxidants
*Chlorophyll Helps To Eliminate Toxins
*Contains Enzymes That Aid In Digestion
*Help To Normalize Blood Pressure
*Has Antimicrobial Properties To Fight Infections

Milk Thistle​
*Support Liver Health
*Active Ingredient Silymarin Improves *Allergic Asthma Symptoms
*Support Immunity
*Relieves Indigestion Symptoms

Fruit Enzyme
*Helps The Body To Digest Food And *Absorb Nutrients Effectively
*Improves Immune System
*Rich In Antioxidants
*Relieves Constipation

Dietary Fiber
*Normalizes Bowel Movements
*Lowers Cholesterol Level
*Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels
*Aids In Achieving Healthy Weight

*Increases Good Bacteria In The Gut
*Boost Digestive Health
*Supporting The Immune System
*Enhancing The Body’s Mineral and Nutrient Uptake

CG FIBER cleans, refreshes and energize your body with 18 Types of Berries and Vegetables (Pear, Green apple, Pineapple, Blueberry, Blackcurrant...)

CG FIBER contains fiber blends that helps to remove toxins and waste from our colon.... It also contains Anti-inflammatory herbs like Turmeric and Milk Thistle help to reduce body inflammation, improve immunity and eliminate intestinal parasites and bacteria....

The Antioxidant properties of Berries, Vitamin C and Wheat Grass help to get rid of free radicals, balance our body acidity and eliminate uric acid.... 

And the Digestive Enzymes Amylase, Lactase and Cellulase help to strenghten digestion and increase nutrients absorption into our body. ​

CG FIBER also contains Gastro blends from Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Milk Thistle and Prebiotics help to protect stomach lining and support the structure and functions of mucous membranes.... 

The Chlorophyll presents in Wheatgrass is a potent blood purifier. It acts as blood alkaliser to help balance the blood pH level, healing the gut and reducing inflammation.

It contains 100% natural, high quality, potent ingredients and with natural flavouring. It is a detox formula assists in the safe and efficient removal of toxins that are absorbed through environmental exposure and metabolic processes. Detoxifying them from your body maximises your energy and optimises your overall health and well being... And thats why I really love consuming CG FIBER...

My body feels much lighter and more refreshed every morning and since I started consuming CG FIBER, my skin has been clearer and I have also lost some stubborn weight..

Check it out.. https://mgiwellness.com/

It is available on Shopee and also small pharmacies around...

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