Mar 20, 2021

How to Use Video Marketing Effectively During Covid

Since the start of Covid-19, many businesses have been impacted negatively. This is especially true for businesses that had not yet adopted digital marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Fortunately, more and more businesses in Malaysia have adapted to the situation and have started their digital transformation to compete in the online arena.

As Covid becomes a temporary norm, some companies have decided to take their digital marketing up a notch and increase their online presence by investing in video marketing - a content type that is increasingly popular amongst people of this generation. In Singapore for example, many companies have started working with top Singapore video production companies to produce high quality video content for their digital marketing strategies.

That being said, here are some tips to improve your video marketing during Covid.

Use Relatable Content

If you’re producing a video for marketing purposes, content will differentiate your video from the many other videos that currently exist online. During Covid, creatively sending out a positive message that relates to the current Covid situation while connecting that message to your brand could actually encourage more viewers to support your brand. A great example is this humorous Burger King video advertisement that creatively encouraged viewers to order from them while staying home. 


It’s difficult to put a positive spin on a Covid related message, but if done correctly, viewers will definitely be more willing to invest in your products and your company – especially if it’s for a good cause.

Experiment With Different Types of Videos

Due to Covid and the many strict protocols, filming a live action video may be difficult so how can one properly produce a video without sacrificing quality? Fortunately, there are many types of videos that can be used to create a good video advertisement such as animation videos, stop motion videos and more. In fact, one could also experiment with live streaming instead of producing a video to save some cost. Each video type serves a different purpose and it is up to you to decide which will best suit your marketing strategy. For example, in Singapore, some companies prefer to hire a good animation studio to create animation videos as their target market consists of children while other companies would rather hire a live streaming Singapore company to live stream their events as they want to engage their audience in real time. 

Keep it Simple

Besides the topic of Covid, it is also key to remember the fundamental rules of video marketing. Keep your message simple and straightforward so that your audience can understand what exactly your video is trying to convey. An excellent example of a simple yet brilliant video advertisement is from Dollar Shave Club. Using a simple yet funny and quirky sales pitch at different areas in their factory, the video managed to convey their main message within 90 seconds which is that their razor blades are affordable and of great quality compared to other razor blades in the market that cost a bomb and contain unnecessary features that are non-essential for shaving. This video advertisement generated roughly 12,000 conversions within 48 hours of its release – pretty good for a video produced on a USD4,500 budget.


Use Proper Marketing Platforms

Once you’ve created a video with a solid message, the next step is deciding where it should be published. There are many platforms you can use to promote your video such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Before deciding on what platform to use, consider your type of video, target audience and budget. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow your video advertisements to appear on your stories, news feed, affiliated apps and websites while YouTube video ads appear before, during or after watching a regular YouTube video. Ultimately, the choice is up to you but it is worth experimenting on different platforms to see which suits your marketing objectives the best.


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