Jun 27, 2021


I am sure you all must know by now that Guardian Malaysia launched a nation-wide initiative to lower and lock the prices of 1,500 items of health, beauty and personal care essentials to cushion the impact of financial challenges brought about by the pandemic... Isn't that just so thoughtful of them.. In these extremely trying times, whatever we can save is truly a blessing.. 

Anyway, the prices of these items have been lowered and will remain unchanged for the rest of the year so that customers need not have to visit multiple places for great deals, said Soren Lauridsen, CEO of Guardian South East Asia (Guardian SEA), as well as Guardian Health And Beauty Sdn Bhd (Guardian Malaysia).... 

He said: “We have listened closely to our customers and what they look for, especially following the onset of the pandemic and  decided to support them by locking the low prices of 1,500 essentials to protect from price fluctuations.

 The “Low Prices Locked To Stay Low” initiative is a regional effort   by  Guardian SEA and underscores the Group’s commitment to ensure prices of daily essentials such as bath, hair care, personal hygiene, vitamins and supplements remain affordable during this challenging time when customers are increasingly looking to stretch their dollar.  

 “Our customers throughout the country, including those who prefer to buy   online, can enjoy these affordable prices and great value, every day for the rest of the year. We believe our customers will appreciate this form of support in this highly uncertain environment,” he added.

Lauridsen said the selection of products is based on Guardian’s research on customer buying behaviour and preferences.  It reflects what they buy most often, such  as Dove  and Pantene  shampoo,  Darlie toothpaste and Panadol Actifast.

“Our customers also indicated that affordability is a priority, which is the focus of our initiative,” he added.

Reflecting the findings of the research, and given the current deep concerns over healthcare, a total of 35% of the items are health essentials, carefully selected to make them even more affordable.

In the current climate, Guardian observed a growth in demand for Guardian’s own brand products because of its attractive price range and trusted quality.  As such prices of all Guardian Brand products have also been lowered and locked in this initiative.   

Lauridsen said: “Our investment in this initiative is in line with  Guardian’s commitment in putting our customers at the heart of everything that we do, listening to their needs as  the trusted leading pharmacy, health and beauty destination in  Malaysia. 

“In addition, we remain committed to  improving the customer experience despite the challenging economic climate - we have  invested in store refits and new openings in the past year with a focus on giving customers greater accessibility to quality health and beauty products and services all at a one-stop destination.”    

“Our initiative goes beyond just great prices.  We   have worked hard and have become the trusted experts in community health, supported by  a large team of pharmacists.  Guardian remains a dedicated long-term partner to improving the health and well-being of  all our customers,” Lauridsen added.

For more details on Guardian’s Low Prices Locked initiative  please visit www.guardian.com.my    or in stores.  


  1. Guardian Malaysia has taken a commendable step by lowering and locking the prices of 1,500 essential products. This initiative ensures that customers have access to affordable and necessary items, especially during challenging times. By prioritizing the well-being of their customers, Guardian Malaysia is making a positive impact on the community and demonstrating their commitment to affordability and accessibility.

  2. By prioritizing the well-being of their customers, Guardian Malaysia is making a positive impact on the community and demonstrating their commitment to affordability and accessibility. It's great to see a brand that goes the extra mile to support its customers' needs and provide them with the essentials they require.


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