Jan 25, 2024


Radiant, rich and luxe are three words fans of Bath & Body Works use to describe its latest fragrance, Luminous, which has been officially launched in stores nationwide and online…

According to a Bath & Body Works survey, 77% of people love getting complimented on the scent they wear though 83% say they wear a fragrance for themselves rather than to impress others. So, for the launch of Luminous, let’s  "share your shine" and show how this new fragrance makes you feel luminous from the inside out.

Just use the hashtag #ShareYourShine and tag @bathandbodyworks.my, and share how this fragrance makes you feel luminous. 

"Our customers view scent and fragrance as part of their identity, so by bringing an elevated yet accessible product to a passionate community, we have all the makings of a sharing and engagement campaign that celebrates our customers and is anchored in empowerment," said Jamie Sohosky, Chief Marketing Officer at Bath & Body Works. 

The newest addition to Bath & Body Works' prestigious and extensive fine fragrance portfolio, Luminous was created to make every day and night feel like a special occasion. The renowned fragrance retailer, who collaborates with world-class perfumers, partnered with master perfumer, David Apel, to bring the inspiration to life through the creation of the fragrance.

"For me, Luminous is a joyful celebration of modern femininity. The fragrance is brilliant yet sensual and exquisitely nuanced with an air of addiction," said David Apel, Senior Perfumer at Symrise. "The ingredients selected were very intentional — I wanted to give the fragrance a multidimensional signature with warmth, levity, elegance and most importantly, power and trail. Luminous moves with you and is a manifestation of what inspires you to live authentically and fully."

Luminous blends three luxe fragrance notes for a rich decadence, warmth and sweetness. Ruby currant is a new and on-trend take on the dark red berry note; gilded iris is an in-demand luxurious ingredient; and praline amber provides a warm, gourmand note of the fragrance that leaves a lasting trail.

Luminous is available in 30 products ranging from RM16 to RM339, making it an affordable luxury for many. Customers will find new and innovative products like a Dual-Ended Perfume Rollerball and Lip Gloss in addition to products the brand is known for like Eau de Parfum, Moisturizing Body Wash and Body Cream. The luxurious fragrance with on-trend, vanity-worthy packaging is perfect for those starting their gift shopping or those looking to refresh their fragrance for the season.

Shop Luminous in Bath & Body Works stores nationwide and online now at https://www.bathandbodyworks.com.my/

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  1. "Bath & Body Works Launches Luminous Range": Bath & Body Works' new Luminous Range promises to bring a touch of radiance to your everyday routine. With their expertise in fragrance and skincare, this launch is bound to offer an enticing selection of products that will enhance your self-care experience.


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