Sep 26, 2012

Palace 2 summary... continuation part 2

....Lian Er continues sending meal to her new friend, slightly suspicious of his 'free-ness' but refusing to accept it when he tries to tell her that he's the Emperor. One day Su Gong Gong notices unknown eunuches following her and scared them away then warns her against going out and meeting people. She then tells him that she has a friend who is starving and she has promised to deliver food for him and Su Gong Gong agrees to send the food for her. Su Gong Gong goes off to deliver to food but decides against it when he notices the emperor wearing plain clothes as the only person in the garden. Su Gong Gong and Li Wei then plan to force the Emperor to make Lian Er a "little master". Su Gong Gong lied to Lian Er saying he was too late in sending the food but heard of an eunuch being punished in the Ci Ning palace where he knew the Emperor would be that night. Lian Er innocently goes along and send food to the Emperor. However the eunuches sent to trail Lian Er lock them in. Lian Er panicks thinking they were doom while her "friend" is just cool. He then tells her nothing will happen to her as long as she is with him. And he tells her to marry him. She scolds him but finally agreed not knowing his trap. An excited Qian Hui Ren drags the empress and the empress dowager to Ci Ning palace in the hopes of catching Lian Er red handed with a palace guard so she can have Lian Er put to death. 
when the door opens, Lian Er is worried and immediately kneels down. Qian Gui Ren is excited until the "adulterer" she calls voices out. The Emperor then reveals himself and  orders Qian Gui Ren punished - Lian Er is wide eyed with shock - unless Concubine Xi begs for forgiveness on her part. Lian Er then asks the Emperor to forgive Qian Gui Ren and he asks her if she is asking as Concubine Xi or Lian Er. In a small voice she agrees to be Concubine Xi. Duke Guo and Jia Jia is stunned to find out that Lian Er has jumped ranks and immediately has been conferred a concubine. The Emperor and Empress Dowager then holds a grand ceremony for Lian Er. The Empress however feels betrayed and sad, and it did not help when Qian Gui Ren took the opportunity to poison her mind saying all Lian Er did was for herself. On the night of her conferral/wedding.. the emperor went to Lian Er's palace but was turned away. He accepted with good grace , promising that she will come to him willingly soon but soon begins to question her devotion and heart...
Qian Gui Ren (evil woman-don't know why the Emperor haven't gotten rid of her yet) cuts some wood at the pavilion where the Empress and Lian Er are playing/practising opera and Empreas Dowager is watching. When the Emperor turna up, she shouts out, shocking Lian Er and the Empress and they fell. The Empress' fall was broken by the Emperor who caught her. However in her shock, the Empress Dowager suffered from heart attack..... (to be continued)

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