Oct 1, 2012

Troubling people

I often sit and wonder how life would be if and when I grow old. I just hope and pray I will never trouble my children or the people around me too much with too many demands and sorts.
I do so hate having seen dramas in all forms and demands by parents towards children or sick people in the past and present.
I have also encountered people who suffer an illness (even a mortal illness) in silence and never making a fuss or troubling their loved ones unneccessarily until the end. These are the people I truly respect and wish to emulate.
Why would one want to put people surrounding them in a flurry or stressed out because of their incessant demands I have no idea, except for perhaps a selfish need to make people suffer along with them. Victims of such people would only barely tolerate them until such time tolerance turns to resentment and eventually hatred .
I pray and I wish I will never do that to my love ones and family.....

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