Jul 9, 2018

My Beauty Premium Face Masks from South Korea

As we get older, we need to put in more effort and take better care of ourselves.. this is because everything slows down- metabolism slows down and our natural collagen production slows down and to look our best, we need to make more effort..

I always find it annoying when I spot women letting themselves go after getting married or having kids.. because when it comes to being beautiful, there is no such thing as not being able to look beautiful but being lazy.. don't believe me? Even guys nowadays take the effort to take care of their skin..

After all, if you do not love yourself or pamper youraelf, how do you expect others to love you... Therefore it is important to take care of our own looks.. and one of it would be putting on masks for our facial skin nourishment...

Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia and My Product Co from South Korea, I got a chance to try out some pretty luxurious premium My Beauty masks 

The premium quality face masks were flown over from South Korea to Malaysia and came in three different variants...

Hydrogel Gold Red Ginseng (USD$25) - box of 5 pcs

Hydrogel Gold Ginger (USD$25) - box of 5 pcs

Rice Sheet Mask (USD$9) -pack of 3 pcs

My Beauty masks are premium 100% made in Korea which are safe from 8 harmful ingredients - Formaldehyde, Paraben, Sulfate Amine, Mineral Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Silicone, Coal Tar Dyes and Animal-derived Ingredients... and best of all, dermatologically approved.

One of the ingredients used would be Natural Honey Extract which is well known for its vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and unusually high concentration of natural antioxidants that purify and protects the skin.

The Ginger Gold Hydrogel Mask and the Ginseng Gold Hydrogel Mask are pretty bling bling with gold embedded in the mask and I kinda felt rich just putting it on... and I also joked about it feeling like I am wearing susuk emas...

My favorite would be the Rice Sheet Mask as it is moist and I feel my hydrated skin soak up more from that mask.. though the Ginger Gold Hydrogel Mask is pretty delightful as well and made my pores finer...

The Ginseng Gold Hydrogel Mask was also pretty good except that it emitted a strong ginseng scent and reminded me of ginseng soup.. hahah. 

I love sharing my beauty products with my friends and well when we had a stay over recently at the New World Hotel, my besties also got to try out the Ginger Gold Hydrogel Masks and they loved it on their skin claiming it made their akin much more amoother and baby soft..

For more information about My Beauty mask www.myproductco.com and their IG www.instagram.com/myproductco

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