Jun 15, 2019


The plus size community has been sidelined for far too long when it comes to fashion, but online fashion portal Jazz & Co is putting a stop to that, starting with the launch of the all-new Dina Nadzir Plus Size Raya Collection.

With a fresh look and a stylish direction, this collection will prove that the plus size community is just as fashionable as anybody else in the upcoming festivities.

The collection is launched in collaboration with Dina Nadzir, who is also the appointed brand ambassador for Jazz & Co.

The plus size celebrity and Malaysian Idol Season 1 runner up had previously worked with the fashion portal in promoting empowerment and body positivity with uplifting messages of self belief and confidence.

Following the successful collaboration, Dina has returned to work closely in terms of curating a refreshingly unique collection for Raya this year.

“Being the newly appointed brand ambassador has given me the chance to reach out to those who have experienced the same things I have when it comes to my body. Although we should always strive to be healthy, being comfortable and happy with ourselves is key to progress too! To all my plus size friends, the days where we worry about our clothing size is over.

Now, there are platforms like Jazz & Co where you can get trendy plus size clothes with comfy and beautiful materials, like my special collection,” Dina said.

This special collection personifies stylised motifs of floral patterns and geometrical shapes to bring variety into the mix, ensuring there’ll be something for everyone.

From darker shades for those with a palate of sophistication, to vibrant ones for a chirpy look, this collection is set to be an edgy trendsetter this Raya. 

Furthermore, each paired designs are also versatile enough to be donned in the office and for casual functions.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into our special Raya collection this year to bring back the young and stylish look that’s very rare in the local plus size fashion scene. We’re also glad to be working together with Dina again as her cheerful and vibrant personality really represents the collection and also the brand as a whole,” said Jasdeep Katari, Director of Jazz & Co.

For most of their lifetime, the plus size community has endured the plights of shopping for clothes, which include lack of size, ridiculous shapes and just plain unfashionable choices.

Jazz & Co, however, moves away from the big and boxy designs while letting shoppers explore different silhouettes and styles in hopes that they can embrace their curves and not be covered up from head to toe.

“Be it direct or indirect, it’s not unusual for the plus size community to face discrimination. So, as a plus size fashion brand, we have the obligation to voice out and empower our shoppers by celebrating every shape and size.

In the end, it’s not about the size you are wearing, it’s about how you wear your size,” Jasdeep added.

Besides Dina’s special Raya collection, the online fashion portal is also the go-to platform for plus size casual and office wear.

On top of buying quality clothes with great cutting, Jazz & Co shoppers are spoilt for choice when it comes to sizes, from 12 to 22 for ladies and L - 5XL for men.

Jazz & Co will be running a promotion from 9th May - 30th June 2019 so that shoppers can jazz it up a few notches this Raya.

During this period, shoppers can key in the promo code JAZZRAYA2019 and get a 30% discount off purchases. It’s only a one-time discount per account, so hurry while stocks last!

To top it off, delivery within Malaysia will also be free. 

For more information on Jazz & Co, log on to their Instagram and Facebook accounts with the handle @jazzncofashion, or explore www.jazznco.com for their range of plus size collections and other exciting apparels.

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