Mar 13, 2020

11 K-Beauty Secrets Every Girl Needs to Know

Women all over the world envy the gorgeous complexions of Korean men and women. It seems like their skin is immune to the signs of aging and seems to glow from within. We’re all left wondering what their secret is! Is it just good genes, or something more? We’ve uncovered 11 K-beauty secrets that every girl can use to get the smooth, dewy, youthful complexion they’ve always wanted.

  1. Follow a Consistent AM and PM Skincare Routine

Korean men and women take their skincare routines very seriously, and it shows. They teach their children to care for their skin starting at a very young age, with a focus on preventing skin issues rather than treating them after the fact. Following a consistent AM and PM skincare routine is the first step to achieving healthy skin. 
Most Korean skincare routines are extensive, sometimes involving 10 steps or more. K-Beauty & Korean skin care products are designed to prevent acne, sun damage, and premature aging, which makes a lot more sense than trying to fix skin problems after they become a visible issue. One of their key beauty secrets is to assess the skin on a daily basis and add or take away products according to how your skin looks and feels that day.
  1. Exercise Your Facial Muscles Daily

Many of us work out our bodies, but have you ever thought about working out the muscles in your face? Korean women swear by doing daily mouth stretches to improve blood flow and brighten the skin tone. If you feel a little silly doing them, close the bathroom door so no one else knows! To give your facial muscles a workout, stand in front of the mirror and say A-E-I-O-U, overstretching your face with each vowel sound. For best results, do this exercise three times every day.
  1. Pamper Your Skin as Needed

Some days, your morning and evening skincare routine just aren’t enough. On those days when your skin needs a little extra pampering, get your glow on with an ampoule. Ampoules are far more concentrated than serums and produce dramatic results. They are formulated with active ingredients that are highly effect for pampering, recharging, rebalancing, and repairing the skin. It only takes a few drops and the results will be visible right away.
  1. Drink Barley Tea Every Day

Barley tea is very popular in Korea, and it’s often served in Korean restaurants. This delicious, nutty tea is even given to babies and small children for its ability to invigorate the skin and boost overall health. But, can drinking it really help your skin? Studies show that barley tea is loaded with potent antioxidants that slow the aging process, promote cellular regeneration, and reduce sun damage. There is also some evidence that it improves circulation at the surface of the skin. It might even help you lose weight!
  1. Give Your Skin Some TLC While You Sleep 

If you haven’t used a Korean sleep mask yet, you’ve got to give one a try! Skin can become clogged and dull over time, especially if you wear makeup each day. Sleep masks are a bit like nighttime moisturizers, but they contain active ingredients that are targeted toward specific skin concerns, such as providing intense hydration or encouraging cell turnover. There’s nothing more amazing than waking up with smooth, glowing skin! Sleep masks are definitely something every girl should invest in!
  1. Try Tinted Lip Oils to Brighten Up Your Face

Have you ever checked your lipstick in the mirror, only to see that it’s gone all flaky, dried out your lips, and looks a total mess? K-beauty brands have come out with some fantastic lip oils that provide nutrients and much-needed hydration without leaving your lips feeling super sticky. Tinted lip oils provide just a sheer tint of color that can have a brightening effect on your whole face, too. Even better, they’re all-natural and made with nourishing oils like rosehip, avocado, and camellia.
  1. Invest in an Essence

Essences are pretty unique to Korean skin care. They’re kind of like an extremely lightweight serum, and they’re formulated to add hydration back into the skin after you wash your face. Essences are loaded with active ingredients to hydrate and plump the skin and give it that smooth, youthful look we’re all going for. Every girl should invest in an essence and add it to their routine after cleansing to provide elasticity and moisture without clogging the pores.
  1. Fight Acne with Charcoal

If you’re still using irritating and drying topical treatments to fight acne, you might want to consider giving charcoal a try. Sheet masks are extremely popular in Korea and one of the most beloved active ingredients is charcoal. It’s fantastic for fighting breakouts because it detoxifies and exfoliates without causing irritation. After 10 minutes of relaxing with a charcoal sheet mask on your face, you’ll be rewarded with smoother, clearer skin.
  1. Avoid Skin Clogging Foundations

Heavy foundations can clog up your pores, causing bumps and breakouts. Korean women love cushion foundations because they blur away imperfections without being heavy or cakey. The coverage they provide is ultra-sheer, so it looks more natural, too.
  1. Skip the Physical Exfoliators

Physical exfoliators can be extremely harsh and damaging to delicate skin. A warm, wet washcloth that has a nubby texture makes a great daily exfoliator. Massaging in upward, outward motions will remove dead skin cells and improve circulation without causing irritation. It’s amazing how much this one simple trick can brighten up your skin and make it more radiant.
  1.  Give Your Face a Massage

There are skin care shops on every street in Korea, and one of the most popular indulgences is a facial massage. Massage is amazing for improving blood flow and elasticity, your skin that youthful complexion we all crave. You can easily get the same benefits right at home and it won’t cost you a dime! To give your face a massage, start by working in upward, circular motions with the tips of your fingers, then incorporate tapping motions to encourage circulation. Try using an oil cleanser to massage your face in the shower and boost hydration at the same time.

Final Thoughts

You really don’t have to have a ton of products to achieve smooth, radiant skin. A few key products will give you amazing results, especially if you’re dedicated and consistent with your morning and evening skincare routine. Every girl can benefit from incorporating these 11 Korean skincare secrets into her daily routine! 

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