Mar 10, 2020

Your Favourite Chocolate – Now with a New Berry Twist!

There is just something appealing about the combination of fruit and nut with chocolate, and now your all-time favourite chocolate treat is offering its version of this timeless recipe: the new Cloud 9 Fruit & Nut – an indulgent chocolate filled with nutty and rich inclusions for an explosion of flavours with one bite!  

Think deliciously sweet raisins and tangy cranberries tossed in golden brown roasted peanuts and almonds, filled with luscious caramel, gooey soft nougat and Cloud 9’s signature rich chocolate that has captured the hearts of the nation over the years. It’s the perfect combination for Cloud 9, who has continuously offered a great eating experience with its wide variety of chocolate treats made from different ingredients from nuts to wafers, crispies and more.  

“We are proud to introduce to Malaysians yet another quality product from Cloud 9, our latest Fruit & Nut chocolate bar. The medley of fruit, nut and chocolate has always been a popular choice, so we thought why not give it a Cloud 9 spin? We are excited about this new addition as it will prove once again that Cloud 9 is all about combining great ingredients in our chocolate treats to make each bite satisfying. With delicious flavours and textures paired in this chocolate bar, Cloud 9 Fruit & Nut is the perfect choice for a delicious fun perk-me-up snack or when you have a chocolate craving,” says Emmanuel B. Puno, Senior Vice President (SVP) of URC Snack Foods Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. 

To launch this new chocolate bar, Cloud 9 introduces its #OldWorldCharmWithANewTwist campaign that celebrates the good ol’ days made even better with a new twist. Like our favourite childhood games but with a modern twist to make them not only memorable but more exciting and relatable today. Or vintage clothing paired with the latest styles. Just like the well-loved Cloud 9 chocolate bar but now available in an exciting fruit and nut berry twist. 

The new flavour and campaign will be revealed at nationwide roadshows – for more details, please visit Cloud 9’s Facebook page. This will be a great opportunity for Malaysians to try for themselves the deliciously new Cloud 9 Fruit & Nut as well as take a walk down memory lane revisiting old world charm. Aside from on-ground activities and product sampling, the new Cloud 9 Fruit & Nut will be on sale during the period at selected locations for a special introductory price. On top of that, there will be a special Cloud 9 Fruit & Nut truck making its way around Klang Valley. Further details on the whereabouts for both roadshows and truck will be updated on Cloud 9’s Facebook page @cloud9malaysia. 

With the new Fruit & Nut version, Cloud 9 now has five chocolate bar variants with four existing flavours: Classic (caramel, peanuts and soft nougat coated in rich chocolate), Plus (caramel, cereal, rice crispies and peanuts wrapped in rich chocolate), Overload (caramel and soft nougat stuffed with a load of peanuts wrapped in rich chocolate) and Crispies (wafer bar wrapped in chocolate and packed with peanuts, rice crispies and caramel), and its wafer cubes option, Cloud 9 Wafret Twins, coated with chocolate and filled with either vanilla, chocolate or kaya pandan flavoured cream. 

Cloud 9 Fruit & Nut is available in two sizes: A single-serve bar (RSP: RM1.20) and a Buddy Pack with 12 Big Bites (RSP: RM6.50) that you can share with your friends and family.  

Enjoy the new Cloud 9 Fruit & Nut brought to you by Cloud 9, your favourite chocolate brand and embrace the campaign #OldWorldCharmWithANewTwist!  

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