Feb 29, 2020

Five genres of jewelry design, which one do you like?

We usually divide jewelry design into five genres:

Allegorical jewelry

This design language is most widely used in gold and emerald design, especially in Chinese traditional jewelry design name ring. Jewelry designers incorporate more emotional thoughts into design shapes, and express different meanings, homologies, or symbols, or body protection, or security through pattern processing. It expresses people's beautiful desire to pursue good fortune and avoid disaster, and pray for good luck.

Symbolism jewelry

Contemporary symbolic jewelry design continues the traditional symbolic meaning and uses a new design language. In order to express or vent their own thoughts, the designers did not use intuitive images necklaces for girlfriend, but expressed them with a slightly cryptic design language.

Realism jewelry

Flowers, trees, insects, birds, and beasts in nature are naturally the best source of inspiration for designers. The beauty of nature comes to the eyes, our souls are impressed. Engraved in the dazzling jewelry, and then the polishing style changes over time, leaving these spiritual treasures with indelible traces and presenting eternal beauty infinity bracelet getnamenecklace.

Craft jewelry

When it comes to craft jewelry, "artisanism" has to be mentioned. It is through the inheritance of these master craftsmen for decades or generations that we have rare new craftsmanship. At present, it is applied to jewelry as a craft and has become a genre fingerprint jewelry. It is used more in gold jewelry. Other inlay jewelry is beautified and passed down from generation to generation, giving deep cultural connotations and other care and blessings to the wearer.

Sentiment jewelry

Sentiment jewelry is the pursuit and reflection of the designers' minds and emotions. Designers and consumers express their character, temperament, sentiment and interest through different jewelry decorations. 

In general, the five major genres of name bracelet jewelry design each have their own style, which one do you like the most?

Are crystal glasses really good?

Crystal glasses have strong light permeability, high hardness and are not easy to wear and tear. However, the transmittance of crystal glasses to ultraviolet ray and infrared ray is higher, and their ability to resist ultraviolet and infrared rays is much worse than ordinary glasses. Wearing crystal glasses for a long time in the outdoor work not only does not play a protective role, but also causes visual fatigue. Crystals custom birthstone rings are birefringent, and when viewed through a crystal lens, objects may appear double image. Therefore, it is better to use glass-type optical lenses. Those who often work in the field can choose coatings or various colored protective glasses that can reduce ultraviolet transmission.

In short, when crystal is used as an ornament, it is only a natural mineral endowed with beautiful meaning. Crystal can only be used as a symbol to bring you psychological comfort and comforting blessings.

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