Mar 9, 2020

ENTERTAINER's launches Sedaaap, the Muslim-friendly product

I am excited to be able to share that ENTERTAINER has recently released their new initiative, Sedaaap, which offers only Halal and Muslim-friendly merchants, as a way to cater to the Muslim majority in Malaysia...

This is definitely heaven sent as I do have a few Muslim friends who are very particular over the restaurant being Halal and pork-free does not cut it for them, unlike for the more open minded me and a few others... 

So Sedaaap comes in handy and perfect for Muslim diners to easily access halal merchants without the need of double checking the merchants Halal statuses... 

Yours truly was at the launch at Midorie x The Owls and we got to try it out at the restaurant itself where we bought one and got another for free.. 

Sedaaap by The Entertainer have acquired over 170 Muslim friendly merchants, including Beard Brothers BBQ, Carl's Jr., Sanoook, Krispy Kreme, Midorie x The Owls and so much more, so you'll truly be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where your next outing will be. 

The merchants range from cafes and restaurants, to beauty establishments such as spas and nail salons, to things that are fun for the whole family, such as laser tag and haunted houses.... 

The ENTERTAINER also has a unique rewards system called "Smiles" and "Pings" where members will receive a number of "Smiles when an offer is redeemed. Accumulated “Smiles” can then be used to buy back an offer. Members can also "Ping" other members offers from their account. 

Patrons can now enjoy all of these incredible offers for a special price of MYR 45 (RRP MYR 95) as part of their early bird offer. On top of having these amazing deals, you'll also have access to ENTERTAINER Getaways, which includes discounts and seamless bookings through the app at over 550,000 hotels worldwide. 

And I have two Sedaaap vouchers to be given away to 2 lucky winners... All you need to do is just head to my Instagram and DM me 2 restaurants you can find in Sedaaap... Each winner is entitled to one voucher and I wull pick the winner by 30th March 2020

The ENTERTAINER app is free to download on iOS and Android App stores. Sedaap, as well as all other ENTERTAINER products can be purchased on the app or on our website at .

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