Apr 23, 2020


Summer just got a lot more exciting with an out-of-this-world tropical getaway you’ll soon be discovering when Monster Beach premiers this Saturday, April 25, 6:30pm on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615 HD / 635). New episodes air every weekend at the same time. Find out if surf-siblings, Jan and Dean will experience the best – or worst – summer of their lives!

Ahead of the premiere, get ready for this exciting holiday with a full-episode sneak peek on Cartoon Network APAC YouTube - https://bit.ly/SneakPeekOnYouTube or Facebook - https://bit.ly/SneakPeekOnFacebook (@CartoonNetworkAsia). S1E02: “Lagoon Goons” - When Amphibia mistakes two visiting lazy Aussie sealions for an endangered New Zealand species, the kids invent a translating app to uncover the truth of who they really are.  

Written and produced in Australia, it’s animated by Inspidea, a Malaysian-based studio behind other Cartoon Network originals such as Mighty Magiswords.

Cartoon Network’s Monster Beach follows the frightfully funny adventures of surf-siblings Jan and Dean. Enjoying an endless summer vacation, they have a monster good time on the island of Iki-Iki hanging out with their laidback uncle and a bunch of mischievous, thrill-seeking monsters.

Together with their new fiendish friends, they cruise around in hopped-up hot-rods to unravel the mysteries of a local surf legend and prevent the bad guys from ruining their fun. Monster Beach is much more fun than your typical tropical getaway. After all, life’s a real adventure when your friends are misfit monsters.

This series is sure to become a monster hit from the very first wave!

Catch the show on weekends from Saturday, April 25, 6:30pm on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615 HD / 635).


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