Jul 5, 2020

Why Cowala Organic Milk Powder is good for you

Did you know that drinking milk and dairy products helps prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

If you are like me and enjoy your healthy milk from grass-fed & free range cattle from New Zealand's natural pastures, you will love Cowala Organic Milk Powder... 

Cowala Organic Milk Powder is from the largest manufacturer in milk powder products in New Zealand,with organic certifications from BioGro NZ, AsureQuality NZ and The European Union & the US.

With Cowala Organic Milk Powder, you can be assured of premium quality product with smooth & creamy taste....

Each can of Cowala Organic Milk Powder comes with safety seal and its easy to use and lock back... And each serving of Cowala Organic Milk Powder provides 36% of the RDI for the development and maintenance of bones... 

By choosing Cowala Organic Milk Powder, you can derive all the nutritional benefits of milk without exposing your family to chemical contaminants such as antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones or pesticides which are the normal non-organic milk are usually tested positive for

Numerous studies have also found that organic milk has a higher nutritional content, and even more healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and more disease-fighting antioxidants than non-organic milk... 

This is because organic cows are raised in humane conditions and eat healthy diets, so that your glass of organic milk can be served without antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones or controversial pesticides.

So give your family the best milk with Cowala Organic Milk Powder

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