Sep 30, 2020

Celebrating Oh!K's 6th Anniversary with Exciting New K-Drama Premieres in October!

A cinematic celebration is set to hit the screen this month as Oh!K (Astro Ch 394) hosts a full-blown 6th birthday celebration together with Malaysia’s biggest K-drama royalty!


K-Drama Kings and Queens Specials

Oh!K pays tribute to the unconventional, where beauty hides beneath the surface and unexpected situations bring unanticipated romances. Starting 10 October in She Was Pretty, the tables are turned on a pair of childhood friends. While shy Sung-joon used to rely on pretty and popular Hye-jin to rescue him from socially-awkward situations, as adults, it’s his turn to return the favour to his first love, now as a handsome young man.


Bok-ju’s intense dedication to her sport leaves little time for romance… until she meets Joon-hyung in Weightlifting Fairy, while My Dear Youth – Coffee Prince reunites the original cast from the 2009 hit. The three-part special will see sparks fly between Eun-Chan and Han-gyeol once more!


New Premieres: Weekday Treats

Weekdays bring us a slew of new releases set to entertain with their unexpected twists and turns. In Kairos, premiering 7 October, successful Im Seo-jin finds his perfect life torn apart when his daughter is kidnapped. Desperate to return to his idyllic existence, he seeks an unconventional solution – to return to the past.


For a different perspective on romance, Bad Love, which debuts 16 October, is a look at five men and women who don’t get to enjoy their happily-ever-after-after. Their common bond is an accident and love that is frowned upon by society. 


Fans can also get a look at idol stars when they step out of their comfort zone in 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships from 2 October. Far from scripted episodes, powder breaks and comfortable trailers, these celebrities get hot and bothered in a series of physically challenging matches.


Celebrate with Oh!K: Social Contest

From 1 to 25 October, nominate the K-drama Kings or Queens in your life (or yourself!) on Tell Oh!K why your friend or yourself deserves to be crowned and be in the running to win an exclusive K-drama King or Queen package consisting of a cool hoodie and a tumbler, K-lifestyle vouchers and a K-drama King or Queen paper crown.


Oh!K October 2020 Highlights


She Was Pretty

Saturdays at 6pm from 10 to 31 October


As children, the beautiful Hye-jin often rescued shy and unappealing Sung-joon from awkward situations. Years later, the tables are turned as the now handsome Sung-Joon looks to return the favour to his first love. Stars Hwang Jung-Eum, Park Seo-Jun, Choi Si-Won.

Weightlifting Fairy

Sundays at 6pm from 11 October to 1 November


Bok-ju, a weightlifter whose life revolves around her sport, has never thought about love. Unexpectedly, love comes knocking when she meets national swimmer Joon-hyung. Stars Lee Sung-Kyung, Nam Joo-Hyuk.

My Dear Youth – Coffee Prince (PREMIERES WITHIN 24 HOURS OF KOREA)

Premieres on Friday, 25 September at 9pm; subsequent episodes on Friday, 2 October and Monday, 5 October


In this return to the 2009 hit, fans get to see Eun-Chan, Han-gyeol and the original cast reunite for more emotional, heart-skipping moments. Stars Gong-Yoo, Yoon Eun-Hye, Kim Jae-Wook, Lee Sun-Kyun, Chae Jung-An, Kim Dong-Wook.


Premieres on Tuesday 27 October, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7.40pm


Im Seo-Jin is the youngest executive at his company. His perfect life and beautiful family is torn apart when his young daughter is kidnapped. Desperate to change the past, he attempts to return to the past. Stars Shin Sung-Rok, Lee Se-Young, Ahn Bo-Hyun, Nam Gyu-Ri.

Bad Love (NEW DRAMA)

Premieres on Friday, 16 October, Tuesdays to Fridays at 9pm


An accident changes the lives of five men and women. Unlike conventional, heart-warming love stories, their love is frowned upon. However, despite the pressure, they are unable to stop themselves. Stars Shin Go-Eun, Lee Sun-Ho, Oh Seung-A, Yoon Jong-Hwa, Jeon Seung-Bin.

2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships

Premieres on Friday, 2 October, Fridays at 5.05pm



This program pits idol stars against each other in various activities, sweating it out while participating in a series of matches.

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