Sep 7, 2020

Sidra Atelier's Bidara fragrance and skin care..

Let your aura shine through with Sidra Atelier's (Bidara) Sidr leaf Shower Gel with Chanel N°5 inspired fragrance...

I was given this set as a gift by my friend to try and it was eye opening..

Did you know that the Sidr tree can be found across the Middle East and its valuable properties have been known since ancient times. Sidr trees are also mentioned in the Quran as one of the plants of Paradise. Its many earthly uses include disinfecting wounds, healing skin diseases and as an anti-inflammatory.

Sidr leaves are known to also treat sleeping disorders such as insomnia. The leaves contribute to rapid sleep.

It also helps calm our nerves and relaxes the body as well. It treats many psychological problems such as stress and anxiety.

In addition, it boosts the body and helps to relieve the body’s high temperature. It also reduces the feeling of thirst during the hot days.

Sidr leaves are said to help in protecting users from black magic (sihr), sexual issues, evil eye (ayn) and jinn possession when used for bathing...

The Sidr Leaf Shower Gel or Gel Mandian Bidara has been specially formulated from Sidr Leaves extract which has been combined with some selected fragrance that is meant to give satisfaction as well as raising the wearer's confidence levels...

As a result, it is ideal to be used to improve positive energy as well as to restore one's stamina and tired body due to stress, disturbances and even depression...

Sidra Atelier also sells Bidara Collagen Whitening UV Lotion which is great for our skin as it can protect our skin from aging. Formulated from extra virgin olive oil, habbatussauda oil, collagen algae, bidara oil, and matcha Japanese green tea extract, this lotion is rich in Neutral Organic Vitamins that can prevent stretchmarks on our skin and helps lighten and whiten our skin tone...

100% Original High Quality Perfumes with all the pure sidr (bidara) leaves benefits...

There are 2 Fragrances for Men & Women, and each bottle can last for about 2-3 Months even with daily usage!!!!

What I like about the fragrance has to be the long lasting fragrance which last up to 24 Hours (Guaranteed).. Dont believe me, just spritz some. On your clothes and you can still smell the fragrance when your clothes are in the laundry basket

The price of these fragrances are also pretty reasonably priced...
Secret for Man 50ml- RM 65.00
Desire for Woman 50ml- RM 65.00

Best of all Muslims using this fragrance can rest assured you can use it for your solat as well as it is alcohol free(#Guaranteed)

For more info, do contact Pn Suhaila at

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