Sep 28, 2020

Jack ‘N Jill Cloud 9 Uplifts Malaysia With The ‘Bite-Tarik-Senyum’ Movement

A smile is a tiny, simple gesture that can make a big impact. From lifting the spirits to reassuring others, or helping to break the ice, smiles are the universal, unspoken language that connects people from different geographies, cultures and background. In the challenging times we live in, the world needs more smiles than ever. 

JACK ‘n JILL Cloud 9 marks World Smiles Day on 2 October 2020 with a movement to share smiles across Malaysia. Cloud 9 chocolate is known for bringing smiles to generations of Malaysians with its signature ritual of biting and then pulling its rich caramel filling. The combination of delicious chocolate bite and fun caramel pull always leaves a feel-good smile. 

Now available in an all-new, updated packaging, Cloud 9 chocolate invites all Malaysians to post photos of their best feel good ‘senyum’ on social media with #jomchocotarik. Through the movement, Cloud 9, hopes to accumulate 999 smiles with #jomchocotarik, and to gift more smiles with a RM5,000.00 donation to the Cleft Lip and Palate Association Malaysia (CLAPAM).

 A not-for-profit support organisation that aids, advises and counsels parents and families of individuals born with cleft lip and palate, CLAPAM also functions as a link between members and medical professionals. 

Additionally, 30 consumers with the most creative smiles will also receive a special ‘Bite-Tarik-Senyum’ goodie bag from Cloud 9. 

Now packaged with a brand-new look, Cloud 9’s classic chocolates are a beloved treat filled with golden brown roasted peanuts, luscious caramel that offers a signature pull and gooey soft nougat, all coated in rich chocolate. Available in four other variants – Plus, Fruit & Nut, Overload and Crispies, each bite of Cloud 9 chocolate bar promises an unforgettable ‘Bite – Tarik – Senyum’ experience.

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