Jul 17, 2021

Traditional use of Kratom

Kratom has been used in Thailand for so long that it is impossible to set an exact date. In the literature (1836), the plant is mentioned by Mr. Low. He claims that the inhabitants of Malaysia use Kratom leaves as a substitute for opium. In 1895, Holmes called a natural remedy an alternative to opium. He classified the plant as Mitragyna speciosa. In 1907, Rai, in his writings, told about how the local population uses Kratom. The inhabitants of Thailand used the leaves in different ways. They chewed it, smoked it, and brewed it instead of tea. 

For what purpose is Kratom used?

In many countries, the kratom for sale and marijuana is prohibited, but this does not negate that the leaves of a tree growing in Southeast Asia have unique pharmacological properties. Therefore, they are widely used in folk medicine:
an independent psychoactive substance-Kratom is considered an excellent alternative to opium. It contains active substances that affect the central nervous system;
fight against drug addiction - when using dry kratom leaves in the form of powder, the symptoms of OAS are eliminated. Therefore, the plant can be temporarily consumed to eradicate drug addiction;
improving the functioning of the digestive system-the substance helps well with gastrointestinal disorders;
prolonging sexual intercourse - some people use the plant for just such a purpose;
an external remedy for the treatment of wounds-a poultice of leaves eliminates inflammatory processes and promotes wound healing;
improving performance and restoring physical strength - for this, residents of Southeast Asia carefully chew the fresh leaves of the plant;
improvement of blood circulation - this effect is achieved by thinning the blood;
mood enhancement - when using the powder, a positive mental state is formed;
improved concentration of attention-this has a positive effect on daily activities.

Kratom is also used to treat cough, hypertension, fever in the form of kratom capsules. The plant has proven itself well in folk medicine. Therefore, it is used until today.

Many residents of Thailand add the leaves of the plant to their food. To eliminate diarrhea, streaks are previously eliminated from the leaves. Then the leaves are chewed together with salt. 

One of the exciting ways of the traditional use of kratom is the extraction of resin. When performing this process, fresh leaves are boiled in a minimum amount of water. When the leaves are burned, they are removed from the container. The remaining water evaporates, and a viscous substance remains at the bottom of the container. This is resin. Balls are formed from it, which later collapse in flour. Resin balls are stored for a long time and are easy to use.

Food as a healthier alternative to smoking

Kratom can also be used as marijuana for food. Here is what experienced Rastafarians advise those who have chosen in favor of products with marijuana or kratom:
ready-made products with cannabis or kratom should be purchased only in legal foreign markets to have accurate information about the dosage in official stores. Do you cook on your own? Then carefully calculate the amount of THC in food and do not exceed the recommended single dose.
if the food did not work, do not rush to "throw" a new portion – wait at least 2-3 hours; otherwise, you risk seeing the "sky in diamonds";
try to replace cookies with marijuana with healthier food; for example, fill vegetable salads with" magic " vegetable oil or add a little charm to natural spices. With their help, even the hated oatmeal porridge can be made quite a tolerable dish; 

And, please, do not overdo it with your culinary experiments – life, after all, is beautiful even without special additives. So seize the moment!


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  3. Kratom is a plant native to Southeast Asia, and it has been traditionally used for various purposes. Its leaves contain alkaloids that can have stimulating or sedative effects, depending on the dosage.


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