Jul 30, 2021

Introducing ShopeePay Day on 1 August!

ShopeePay is encouraging the use of e-wallets while giving people more ways to stretch their Ringgit this 8.8 Brands Festival through a dedicated ShopeePay Day on 1 August. 

Users can earn up to RM8 in cashback when they buy ShopeePay Vouchers for just 1 sen from the Deals Near Me portal in the Shopee app. 

With some 140,000 businesses accepting ShopeePay across the country, users of the mobile wallet can look forward to deals from pharmacies, bakers, retailers and of course, coffee shops galore. Here are some of the brands that will be giving out great deals come 1 August. 

Juicy Fresh Fruit Juice

Korea’s Number 1 Juice Brand which was founded in 2010 not only accepts ShopeePay, but also offers you RM8 cashback with a minimum spend of RM20 when you redeem this voucher available on ShopeePay Day. Fitting with the local season, head out to one of their 13 outlets and try out their durian milk. 

Salad Atelier

With people stuck at home while under lockdown, some have turned to a plant based diet once a week in an effort to stay healthy. Salad Atelier will be offering RM8 cashback vouchers with a minimum spend of RM15 when you pay with ShopeePay for your healthy food to encourage a balanced diet.

Zus Coffee

Having activated ShopeePay on their mobile app in order to nudge their loyal customers to continue enjoying world class coffee at affordable prices, Zus Coffee will be offering RM6 cashback with a minimum spend of RM20 vouchers during this ShopeePay Day. Try out their latest offering of Magnum ice cream with coffee or opt for an entire 1-litre bottle of iced chocolate at any of their 32 locations.

If you’re a fan of the brand - you can also buy another voucher for RM3 off for a Latte after lunch.

Boat Noodle

For those craving Thai food, Boat Noodle will be selling 1 sen vouchers, offering RM8 Direct Discount with a minimum spend of RM20 during ShopeePay Day at all 33 locations across Malaysia.



As a leading Malaysian brand MPH continues to cater to Malaysians with a passion for books and stationery. After all, learning and working from home still involves putting pen to paper, and reading through textbooks while continuing to do work in exercise books. To that end, MPH will be offering RM8 cashback with a minimum spend of RM80 to be redeemed at any of their 11 outlets nationwide when you use your ShopeePay mobile wallet.

Multicare Pharmacy


With Malaysia soon reopening for business, people should also take heed of the need to stay healthy while living with a pandemic. As such, buying supplies to treat and monitor your health will remain a necessity. For this, Multicare Pharmacy is offering RM8 cashback with a minimum spend of RM20 when you pay with ShopeePay, if you use their ShopeePay vouchers purchased for only 1 sen on 1 August at any of their 66 outlets.

Get ready to take advantage of these voucher drops and more on the first ShopeePay Day as you use your mobile wallet to head out for supplies and that daily mandatory cup of coffee! 

For more deals on this ShopeePay Day on 1 August, do head over to https://shopee.com.my/m/shopeepayday.  

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  1. ShopeePay Day is a highly anticipated event that offers fantastic deals and discounts for ShopeePay users.


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