Jan 15, 2022


We Malaysians have had a super challenging two years and in the spirit of #KitaJagaKita, JACK ‘n JILL Calbee is  heralding the New Year of 2022 with its Bowls of Joy campaign built upon the true spirit of togetherness and festivity. This unique initiative will see the popular snack brand making rice donations to those in need on behalf of their consumers with the purchase of just RM12 worth of JACK ‘n JILL Calbee products.

The goal of the Bowls of Joy campaign is looking to donate a total of 4,000kg of rice to Food Aid Foundation Malaysia, an NGO committed to reduce food wastage and help alleviate hunger and malnourishment in Malaysia, especially among the B40 community. URC Snack Foods, the producer and distributor of JACK ‘n JILL Calbee in Malaysia, will kick off the campaign with a donation of 1,000kg of rice while the remainder is targeted to be collected via consumers’ purchases throughout the campaign.

“If there is one thing that we have learnt from the pandemic is that we should not take things for granted and everyone can help in their own little way. Malaysia’s underprivileged have been struggling before the pandemic, and the past two years have made things even more difficult for this group. On top of that, those who previously were making just enough may find themselves in dire need of help now. This is why we came up with the Bowls of Joy campaign, a platform for our consumers to help other Malaysians. For only RM12, our consumers can help ease the burden of the underprivileged. At the same time, they can also redeem a limited-edition Joy Bowl and enjoy their favourite JACK ‘n JILL Calbee snack. Through this unique food drive, the start of 2022 brings double the joy for our consumers as well as the recipients of our food drive,” said Maria Sarah Albert, General Manager of URC Snack Foods Malaysia.

Participating consumers will receive a limited-edition Joy Bowl inspired by the Japanese Kokeshi Doll, a symbol of good luck for Japanese farmers who believe that playing with these cute dolls will bring them a bountiful harvesting season. There are three Joy Bowl designs to choose from, each one representing the idea of a rice bowl that refers to always having plenty in your life.

Donating to Bowls of Joy is easy:

Step 1: Make a purchase of RM12 worth of JACK ‘n JILL Calbee’s products.

Step 2: Redeem a limited-edition Joy Bowl that contains a QR code. Scan the code to register your details and a rice donation will be made on your behalf by JACK ‘n JILL Calbee.

Since being launched in January 2019 as a joint venture between JACK ‘n JILL manufacturer, URC Snack Foods Malaysia and one of Japan’s leading potato chips manufacturers Calbee, JACK ‘n JILL Calbee has been making its way as a popular favourite in many Malaysian households. There are currently three flavoursome variants available – Classic Salted, Smokey BBQ and Flamin’ Chilli – each flavour satisfying, thanks to the big crunch and tastiness you get with every bite.

For more information on how to participate in the Bowls of Joy campaign, check our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/JacknJillCalbee.MY) or Instagram (@jacknjillcalbeemy). Or visit the website at www.urc.com.my.

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