About me

Thank you for reading this and my blog. I am just a normal everyday person, the 'woman' next door, struggling through life and enjoying the little silver linings whenever I find them in my big white fluffy cloud that often turns grey...

I am a 39 year old woman, happily married, 3 kids (one precocious 10 year old, a university going daughter and a son soon to be entering university-I hope), 2 step kids( one in college and another working) and 2 furkids.

A working mom, I work as a mutual fund consultant with Public Mutual Berhad as well as a blogger by choice to make ends meet, try new things out, enjoy life and also enabling me to spend time with my family.

I started this blog some years ago with blogging about things that caught my interest, my favorite tv series or movies and also my travels and sharing what I find interesting, my photos and so on.

I can be considered a full timer in blogging community and am most active in lifestyle, travel, food as well as beauty as they are among the things I am passionate about as well as some little gadgets girls like like cameras and mobile phones. I consider myself quite adventurous. 

These days, I have somewhat bettered my blogging then the ones before and am improving slowly bit by bit so I hope you will excuse all my shortcomings. 

Everyday is a new learning curve and I am only human, so please forgive me if I have hurt any feelings or so on... It is unintentional

If you like me to review your product or attend any events or such, I would be happy to.. but I would need a few days to organize my time table as well...

I can be contacted at mieratan@gmail.com  or whatsapp/sms me at 012 3386033


What do you think of my blog???