Nov 17, 2017

These JBL gadgets will change the way you listen to music...

 JBL is one of the brands around known for delivering immersive and breath-taking sound both indoors and out.  So when yours truly was invited to their event recently to check out their latest offerings I was delighted... 

With so many speakers, headphones and all, these are just a few that caught my attention or my eyes ... 

The dynamic JBL Pulse 3 was indeed hard to miss, and well, it can elevate your listening experience with powerful sound and an enthralling lightshow by including separated LED light and sound cabinets through a seamless exterior. 

The bottom portion of the JBL Pulse 3 provides 360° sound with improved base performance and is equipped with three drivers and dual passive radiators, while the top portion is dedicated to delivering a 360° LED light show. Keep the party going, with increased battery life now offering up to 12-hours of playtime.

I also heard it allows music lovers to use the speaker at the beach or pool without worrying about rain, spills or light submersion, with its IPX7 waterproof design. You can even clean the speaker with running water. How amazing is that...

 It retails at RM1299 in two colours (black and white) and is available in all major stores and JBL Official Store at Lazada...

I was also so fascinated with the JBL Playlist that offers music lovers the ability to instantly stream music, radio, or podcasts directly to the speakers with the touch of a button through the Chromecast built-in technology. 
Chromecast works over  Wi-Fi and allows listeners to easily access favorite music from popular music services like Spotify and Pandora without pairing via Bluetooth—controlling speaker functions directly from a smartphone. When streaming over Wi-Fi, the need to be within a fixed proximity to connect to the speaker is eliminated.
With JBL Playlist, audiophiles can seamlessly listen to music by simply tapping the cast button from a favorite music service on their smartphone without any interruptions from phone calls or text messages. Additionally, multiple devices can be connected to the speaker at one time, giving everyone in the home a chance to play DJ.
The JBL Playlist’s design features a wide-open surface for unrivaled sound quality and a metal passive radiator for class-leading bass performance. Its distinctive matte finish and grille fabric cover provides a sleek look that perfectly complements any room.
The JBL Playlist with three colorways in Black, White, and Blue are available exclusively on Lazada Malaysia for RM 519.00. Find more information by visiting JBL Official Store on Lazada to get your favorite JBL products.

And oh wow... for the kids... can you believe kids nowadays are super lucky... they have the JBL® Jr, JBL’s first line of kids’ headphones that perfectly blend youngster’s entertainment needs with parents’ safety and quality expectations.

 The new JBL Jr line includes both wired and wireless models specifically designed for children ages three to ten. They are engineered for maximum enjoyment at volume levels safe for kids’ delicate ears.

Among the kids who strutted down the catwalk with these babies were  Nur Qistina Raisah (9 years old),  Sarah Tan 陈沁 (13 years old), Houson Ng  黄 侯 升 (11 years old) and  Jaco3oy (4 years old) as well as local singer Tomok's little boy...
With JBL Jr, kids can now amplify their digital media experience with the remarkable audio that the brand is known for. JBL Jr is built with JBL’s Pure Bass sound and fine-tuned for lower sound pressure levels, so children can safely indulge their passion for music and entertainment. 

The JBL Safe Sound feature ensures volume maxes out at 85dB, keeping audio at safe levels for little ears. Additionally, the cleverly designed 3D axis rotation ear cups automatically adjust to children’s ear sizes to create a perfect seal. 

This, in combination with the premium and flexible ear cushions, provides a high level of Passive Noise Cancellation so kids don’t have to strain their hearing when listening to audio in noisy environments, like airplanes or busy malls.

The JBL Jr is specifically designed to comfortably fit a child’s head with a soft-padded adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups. In addition, the solid outer design is built to survive the toughest wear and tear. These headphones fold up easily for portable entertainment, making it perfect for kids-on-the-go to enjoy incredible sound anytime, anywhere.

The flagship headphones, JBL JR300BT, connect to smart devices through Bluetooth technology, enabling kids to have a hands-free experience throughout their day, no matter the activity. 

As children become more and more familiar with digital devices at a young age, these Bluetooth headphones make wires one less item to worry about, allowing them to move about or sit comfortably without becoming tangled. In addition, the wireless headphones are built with kid-friendly buttons to ensure effortless listening and easy controls.

 JBL JR300BT offers up to 12 hours of playback time, providing seamless entertainment to last all day long. Should the JBL JR300BT run out of juice, the quick charge feature gives the headphones an hour of playback after just ten minutes of charging, providing more flexibility and convenience for busy parents.

The JBL JR300BT headphones come in three colour combinations; Punky Pink, Rocker Blue and Tropic Teal. The JBL JR300 headphones are available in Spider Red and Ice Blue. A sticker pack is also included for kids to personalize their gadgets, so each gift is truly one of a kind.


  1. Memang want to buy one of the speakers for my this year Christmas gift, the design is so cool :)

  2. It is the JBL Creature 11 which arrives in a white shading and is good with work areas and portables. It is the JBL Creature 11 which arrives in a white shading and is good with work areas and portables. It is the JBL Creature 11 which arrives in a white shading and is good with work areas and portables. It is the JBL CreatAmplifier Experts
    ure 11 which arrives in a white shading and is good with work areas and portables.

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