Nov 5, 2017


So yours truly here was invited to go and try out the Sonne Sauna treatment, and admittedly I had mixed feelings.. I have indeed heard about the many benefits of using the Sonne Sauna for our health and so on... but well, yours truly has never actually been a fan of the conventional sauna and would run out of the sauna in about less then 5 minutes whenever I tried one... and always think I am being cooked alive or feeling like a steamed fish or the likes.. hahaha

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So forgive me when I was not overly enthusiastic when I heard I had to go for a 1/2 an hour treatment...

I was over at Sonne Sauna's office at Phileo Damansara 1 (Next to Eastin Hotel and the Star Newspapers office in case you are wondering) to try out the sauna. 

The good news is  they actually offer an affordable monthly subscription package for customers to visit anytime they want and use the sauna facilities as often as you like

So before the treatment, we were briefed about what is Sonne Sauna is actually about... Sonne means the Sun in German, the energy that powers life here on earth.. and Sonne Sauna is a Far Infrared Sauna (FIR) where you can experience gentle and beneficial heat that can help your body with a myriad of health benefits. 

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This would include...

- Improving cardiovascular health as a complement to diet and exercise

-It is said that using Sonne Sauna daily or 5 times a week can actually help strengthen our heart? This is especially beneficial for those with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

-Relaxing, destressing, rejuvenating  and regulating our nervous system, allowing for the nourishing, healing and regeneration of the body to take place.

-Reducing pain caused by muscle spasm or tension as well as arthritis.

 -Detoxing and cleansing our body by eliminating toxins from the body through profuse sweating, which is far more than urination.

-Burning calories for weight loss along with good diet practice! It can burn up to 600 calories in just 30 minute session.

-Sonne Sauna helps improves our blood circulation, thus able to also reduce skin roughness, fine wrinkles and enhance one's radiance and youthfulness. And oh, you will be surprise to know that Sonne Sauna can actually reduce your "metabolic age", so you can feel younger again

- and oh, if you are a staunch Muslim and sensitive over sexy pictures, you can stop here, no need to scroll further and tarnish your sight with my sexy towel clad pictures.., please also refrain from giving negative comments.. thanks-

After the briefing, I was given  a simple questionnaire and health check to record down my percentage of body fat, body water, metabolic age, weight, etc. Ya, ya, I am older and sensitive about all that and I hated it... as it showed me as a borderline obese person despite me having lost some weight recently...Heck... I have a 39.5 percent body fat and my Metabolic Age made me want to kill myself immediately.. lol

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Then I was brought to the small treatment room.. I was definitely impressed with the look of the sauna units.. There are two different units, which is the Standard Unit as well as the slightly bigger Corner Unit... The sauna unit exterior is very beautiful since it has been specially made from premium Canadian Red Cedar Wood, which has such an elegant feel to it and which is just aromatic as well.. it is also an excellent heat insulator, and has a control panel at the side of it. 

The interior is beautifully kitted out with wooden panels, litted and comes fully equipped with heaters behind the carbon and ceramic panels. You can find 2 slots to place your water cup, recommended to keep you hydrated while you are in the sauna.

Clean towels are placed there to absorb your sweat away from the wooden panels and it would of course be advisable to gently clean the panels with a damp cloth after use...

I quickly changed out of my clothes and wrapped a towel around myself... before gingerly stepping into the Corner Unit.

I was pleased to note that the heat inside the Sonne Sauna Unit was not overwhelming, since the temperature is maintained below 60 degrees in comparison to the conventional sauna which temperature can be as hot and humid as 105 degrees...

I sat in the corner and found it comfortable.. and somewhat relaxing.. You can read a book or just lie back and close your eyes. There is a soft hum of the background- in this case of the benefits of using Sonne Sauna but if you get your own unit, you can play some music.. while allowing the gently Far Infrared radiant heat seep through your skin and body to induce sweat..

Before I knew it, the 30 minutes was over. The timer will automatically shut off once done, so do not fret if you find yourself drowsy and needing a sleep inside.. I did actually dozed off for a few minutes..

So for me to be able to doze off, I was definitely super comfortable.. Being out under the scorching sun on a hot day is much more uncomfortable then being in the Sonne Sauna Unit.. and you actually sweat more then the normal sauna...

It sure is rejuvenating and satisfying. And after my 30 minutes session and another simple health check, I was stunned to find out that I lost 0.4kg and 0.6% body fat... and what do you know, my metabolic rate was reduced by 2 hmmm... if I use this every day can I be 18 again or even 16...

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I have to say this is really recommended for those with health problems, or health concerns, those lazy to really exercise or want to lose weight or just look better.

Be sure to check out:

For for information, contact 03-7954 0822.
Success Therapeutic Sdn Bhd
Unit 1001, Block E, Level 2,
Pusat Dagangan Phileo Damansara 1,
No. 9, Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara,
47350 Petaling Jaya


  1. I haven't tried sauna but I've heard from people that it's really relaxing. I like that it removes toxins, too :)

  2. Oh wow that's a great result for just 30 minutes sitting in the FIR sauna! I wish to try it out too. :)

  3. Just sit for 30min already can detox. That's easy job!

  4. Heard many good review on this sauna! Easy and convenient to just head over and detox!

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