Nov 18, 2017

Fat Freezing at Skin Master, Q Sentral

Skin Master is a leading aesthetic clinic located in the centre of the heart of KL Sentral, conveniently located on the Level 13 of Q Sentral

I was there recently at Skin Master to get my stubborn belly fat frozen off... Fat Freezing or Cryo- Lipolysis is the popular choice for sculpting your body. You can choose whichever fatty area you like to freeze, and once the fat gets frozen, it will then die off and your body can remove it naturally..

The treatment here at Skin Master is super affordable at just RM500 for the biggest applicator or you can also choose to buy 10sessions of the Fat Freezing/ Cryo-Lipolysis treatments at just merely RM2500. Best of all, Dr Nasha offers money back guarantee if there's no reduction in your body fat...

So what is Cryo-Lipolysis? It is basically a fat-freezing procedure which is considered an effective method for reducing fat that causes very slight discomfort and no known severe side effects. 

I was made comfortable in one of the treatment rooms on the first floor of the Skin Master medi spa clinic before getting the treatment.

The nurse placed the special gel pad on top of my stomach area. This special gel pad helps my skin avoid any damage cause by the freezing... 

Once the gel was in place, the applicator was placed over my stomach area and turned on. You can feel the skin being sucked into the applicator and it does have a little pinching or sucking feeling to it.. just before it goes all the way to -11 degrees for about an hour... leading to the destruction of  my stubborn fat cells...

This treatment can actually generates an average of 20 percent of localised superficial fat tissue layer reduction after several months, while the triglycerides (fatty acids and glycerol) are eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system and then processed through the lymphatic system

This non-invasive treatment targets only fat cells and eliminates them permanently, with each 60-minute session, and it is safe and suitable for treating any targeted area optimally. The use of pulsating suction increases the positive effect on lymphatic drainage and metabolism, and the intensity can be set to one of ten different levels that can even be adjusted during treatment. 

If you ask me how I felt, I was super comfortable and was playing and fiddling with my phone throughout the session... Do try it out... and I swear this is definitely among the cheapest you can find around Klang Valley since I heard some places can cost thousands for just a session...

Thank you to Dr Ravin for her care. Can you just believe how gorgeous she is...

For more info, call 03-2720 1380 

Special thanks to ...
Racheal from Foodilifecious


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  2. The fat freezing machine is a knockoff. It is not from Zeltiq. It is not CoolSculpting that's why it is cheap so proceed with caution.

  3. How was the results. .. I'm interested to try at their clinic too.

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