Feb 3, 2018

Berry Bright Blackcurrant Eye Nourishing Drink

As a freelance blogger, I am often online on my laptop or smart phone working, and I happen to wear contact lenses and I suffer from dry eyes from time to time, so much so sometimes my vision can get a bit blurry and I need to squint my eyes, making it even more strained… So when I was asked to try the Berry Bright Blackcurrant Eye Nourishing Drink, an eye supplement drink that is formulated to help replenish the vital nutrients that are necessary to help us protect and maintain healthy eyes and vision, it was heaven sent…

Since I was traveling, one of my close friends and influencer team mates saw it as well and asked to try it out, so I shared it with them... After all, sharing is caring right... and my buddy also needed it as much as I did considering he was a flight attendant and a singer..

Berry Bright is contains high levels of antioxidants which is found in the New Zealand blackcurrant that contains 4x  more anthocyanins than North American Blueberry, 25x more Vitamin C than then European bilberry and 2x more antioxidant than the North American Blueberry… Berry Bright contains lutein and zeaxandrin which gives blue light filtering and antioxidants needed to protect our eyes as well as improve our blood circulation and eliminate toxins and reduce dark circles formation….

Berry Bright comes highly recommended for contact lens users, heavy digital device users, people with dry eyes, people who read long hours, prolonged exposure to sunlight, poor eyesight and poor night vision, and also perfect for people who drive for long hours for travel, or work…. 

Berry Bright comes in two different variants…
Berry Bright Original (RM 44.90) which contains fructose with 38 calories per serving. The Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink has no artificial sweeteners, no artificial preservatives & coloring, is high in vitamin C and suitable for vegans. It is also halal.

To consume, just pour 1 sachet of Berry Bright which is in powder form into a glass and mix it with 150 ml room temperature or cold water.

Drink immediately to avoid oxidation and drink this before meal.

Berry Bright Stevia (RM 49.90) on the other hand is suitable for diabetics or those looking to reduce sugar intake because there is no added sugar and instead uses Stevia as a natural sweetener. It has enhanced formula with bilberry and mixed berries with 31 calories per serving.

Berry Bright Stevia drink is slightly darker then the Berry Bright Original. Both Berry Bright variants are very delicious and refreshing.. with berry taste… I personally love it… and so did my friends who shared it with me... we will definitely get more for ourselves soon…

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